UK’s ‘Human Ken Doll’ brags he kept up religious fake tan regime even in prison

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A self-styled ‘Human Ken Doll’ claims he even kept up his regular fake tan régime while he was in jail.

In November last year Jimmy Featherstone, from Hull in Yorkshire, was sentenced to eight weeks behind bars for breaching a court order.

He was released in late December, celebrating his freedom with a bottle of pink Champagne and a giant biscuit.

The aspiring reality star, who appeared in Amazon's documentary series Hooked on the Look, seems to have had a relatively easy time of it in prison. He had easy access to cosmetics, he claims, and even had a phone in his cell for regular catch-ups with friends and family.

Answering questions about his time behind bars on his Instagram page, shortly after his release, he told one fan: “I knew guys in there who was on my wing who knew my father, plus [I] had a phone in my room to make calls to my family and friends.

"Also I got money sent in to me that allowed you to buy anything really you get a shopping list and you can buy literally anything.

"I even got fake tan in there, however I only did four weeks. Although in there it's a long time but [in the] outside world [it] is nothing…”

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Featherstone has boasted in the past of blowing over £10,000 a year on cosmetic surgery and using illegal tanning injections to maintain his sun-kissed look.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, he explained his obsession with tanning products: "I grew up around glamour,” he said.

“My mum loves tan as well, and after trying it at 15 I just thought from there I would enjoy it. I do look after my skin you see underneath, but I want to look dark. I do it because I feel it makes me better.”

In response the show’s medical expert, Dr Sara Kayat, pointed out to him that the injections are illegal in the UK, and may have undiscovered side effects.

"It's like people who don't want to leave the house without makeup,” Featherstone said, “I can't leave the house without tan.”

The wannabe celebrity who says he "knows he's not everyone's cup of tea" has lip and cheek fillers, dental veneers, and gets his hair re-styled once a week at a cost of £300.

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