Uncovered snap shows Harry’s ‘true self’ next to Meghan, expert claims

Prince Harry’s “childish behaviour” in an uncovered photo offers an insight into “how he really feels”, a body language expert has claimed.

Shortly after announcing their decision to step down from royal duties, Harry attended a meeting organised by the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust in March 2020, where he and his wife Meghan Markle chatted to young leaders about mental health and leadership.

Jesus Enrique Rosas, otherwise known as ‘The Body Language Guy’ on YouTube, has analysed a picture of Harry when he was attending the event.

And he noticed one instance where the Duke of Sussex could be seen roaring in laughter while Meghan sat beside him smiling.

He claimed that the reaction is evidence of how Harry "really feels".

Reacting in a video, Jesus began by suggesting that Harry’s “childish behaviour” could be put in context by the body language of those around him.

He claimed: “It is extremely rare to see a grown man laugh in such a way that he literally rolls on the couch, [and] rises his feet.

“Maybe this could be a valid attitude if he’s at a pub with friends, but it's still a stretch.”

The body language expert observed that this was the only show of such behaviour during the day and noted: “These kinds of reactions are like sudden bursts of childish attitudes, like sudden displays of how he really feels.

“Sudden reactions like this one are insights into a person’s behaviour, because most of the time we are trying to hide ourselves from the public.

“But given the right stimulus – in this case, a joke – can let that true self manifest through body language.”

Jesus went on to suggest that, understandably, the tragic and sudden loss of Harry’s mother Princess Diana at an early age had an effect on the prince’s character.

Alongside Meghan, the prince signed up to lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, but a lack of content on either platform led some commentators to speculate that the platforms had “taken matters into their own hands”.

The Sussexes have recently been recognised for their charity work, when in their first public appearance in 2022 together, the couple were awarded with the prestigious Presidents’ Award by the NAACP.

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