US-North Korea LIVE: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un arrive in Singapore 

US-North Korean summit LIVE: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un arrive in Singapore

  • Trump said there’s ‘excitement in the air’ ahead of his meeting with Kim Jong-un 
  • ‘No f***ing crazy talk from anybody’: Trump’s words of warning to Mike Pence 
  • The running bodyguards are back! Kim Jong-un’s suit-clad security chase his car 
  • North Korea leader ‘could bring a McDonald’s and Trump hotel to Pyongyang’
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Donald Trump is ironing out a few logistics with the Prime Minister of Singapore ahead of his unprecedented summit with Kim Jong-un tomorrow.

The US President is at Singapore’s government house with the country’s leader Lee Hsien Loong finalising preparations before the historic Trump-Kim summit.

Earlier, North Korean media confirmed that Washington and Pyongyang will discuss denuclearisation.

President Trump tweeted that there was ‘excitement in the air’ and predicted tomorrow’s sit down to be a ‘very interesting meeting’ that has a ‘nice outcome.

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  • Connor Boyd

    Host commentator

I can’t believe my fries!

Could a Big Mac be all it takes to convince Kim Jong-un to scrap his nuclear programme?

North Korean officials said the regime wants to modernise its economy and become a ‘normal country’.

South Korea offered to help it’s neighbour and suggested McDonald’s and a Trump-branded tower as examples of what would be ‘modern’ in North Korea. 

The running bodyguards are back!

Kim Jong-un has brought his running bodyguards to Singapore.

His suit-clad security were seen running alongside his limousine in hilarious footage. 

Watch the video here 

‘No f***ing crazy talk! I’m warning you’

Trump told Vice President Mike Pence to tone down the rhetoric weeks before the Trump-Kim summit. 

The US President ridiculed Kim earlier in his reign, calling him a ‘rocket man’ in his September speech to the United Nations.

But Trump has changed his tune and urged his aides to show some restraint, it’s been revealed. 

Trump says there’s a buzz around Singapore

There’s ‘excitement in the air’ in Singapore ahead of tomorrow’s meeting, according to the US President.

‘As you know, we’ve got a very interesting meeting meeting tomorrow,’ he told Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.  

‘We’ve got very interesting meeting in particular tomorrow, and I just think it’s going to work out very nicely.’

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