US Open slammed after Alize Cornet is reprimanded for taking shirt off

US Open officials accused of sexism for punishing French star Alize Cornet who took her shirt off in 90-degree heat because she put it on the wrong way

  • US Open officials have been slammed as sexist after a female tennis player was punished for removing her shirt on the court
  • French tennis player Alize Cornet was hit with a code violation after the incident
  • Her match against Swedish Johanna Larsson took place in New York Tuesday
  • Cornet was returning from break when she noticed her shirt had been put on the wrong way
  • She exposed her sports bra during the quick change that lasted just seconds
  • A chair umpire afterward punished the World No. 31 player with a code violation
  • Twitter users expressed their fury after the punishment – calling the violation ‘ridiculous’ and ‘sexist’

US Open officials have been slammed as sexist after a chair umpire hit French tennis player Alize Cornet with a code violation because she took her shirt off briefly during a heat break.

Cornet was captured on video at the tournament Tuesday in New York as she walked back to the court for her match against Swedish player Johanna Larsson. Cornet realized she accidentally put her sports top on backwards.

She quickly pulled her shirt up then turned away from cameras to place her top on the correct way.

During the roughly 10-second clothing change, she exposed her black sports bra. 

Chair umpire, Christian Rask, punished Cornet with a bizarre code violation after the incident which he deemed inappropriate.

The WTA rulebook states that female players are not permitted to change attire while on the court. Male players, however, are permitted to do so.

US Open officials have come under fire for reprimanding a female tennis player for taking her shirt off on court Wednesday

French tennis player Alize Cornet (pictured) returned from a heat break when she realized her sports top was on backwards

Cornet exposed her black sports bra during the quick change, which lasted about 10 seconds

Twitter users took to social media to express their fury after the punishment – calling the rule ‘ridiculous’ and ‘sexist’.

Scottish tennis coach, Judy Murray, said in a viral tweet: ‘Alize Cornet came back to court after 10 minute heat break. Had her fresh shirt on back to front. Changed at back of court. Got a code violation. 

‘Unsportsmanlike conduct….. but the men can change shirts on court.’

Former Australian tennis player, Casey Dellacqua, responded to Murray’s tweet and wrote: ‘Ridiculous’. 

American tennis player, Bethanie MattekSands, also added in the comments section: ‘that’s weak!’

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Scottish tennis coach Judy Murray said in a viral tweet: ‘Unsportsmanlike conduct….. but the men can change shirts on court’

Other Twitter users chimed in on the conversation Tuesday – calling the punishment sexist among other things


Twitter user Alissa Warren also said: ‘Busted for code violation #alizecornet took 10 sec to turn top right way but #novacdjokovic can sit for minutes half-naked. Same comp.

‘Days after @serenawilliams slammed for disrespecting tennis because she wore a #catsuit. Not fair. Not right. Tell your daughters.’ 

And Jane-Elise Cherry added: ‘So, hold on… Novak can take his shirt off because of extreme heat & that’s ok.

‘But Alize #Cornet takes a minute to turn her shirt around (with a bra on, BTW), & we’re all losing our minds?!?! Right#USOpen #everydaysexism #youseemoreatthebeach’  

Temperatures reached the mid-90’s this week at the tournament, resulting in a heat policy break being implemented.

The United States Tennis Association implemented the 10-minute break for players for safety precaution.

Female players were granted the breaks between the second and third set, and male players, the third and fourth.

Cornet was in the tournament against Swedish tennis player Johanna Larsson. The French player went down to Larsson 4-6 6-3 6-2 in the match Tuesday. Larsson is shown above during a match with Venus Williams on July 2, 2018 in London, England

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