Vanessa Bryant remembers ‘romantic’ Kobe as she finds Carrie Bradshaw dress he gifted her – The Sun

KOBE Bryant's wife Vanessa has remembered her tragic husband as a "romantic" she uncovered a dress he gave her as a gift.

Vanessa shared the touching post on Instagram as she revealed the basketball legend gifted her the dress made famous by Sarah Jessica-Parker's Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw.

Sharing the post with her 14million followers, the 38-year-old showed off the green dress along as she remembered her "romantic" husband.

Vanessa posted the dress which was worn by the character Carrie when her love interest Mr Big comes to find her in Paris.

She wrote: "Missing my boo-boo and my sweet girl. So nice to have found this dress today.

"You set the bar so high baby. No love like REAL LOVE."

She added: "I love you my baby @KobeBryant. I found this beautiful dress Kob gifted me a long time ago.

"Not going to lie, I was taken back with emotion. He was SO romantic.

"Still showing me he loves me from heaven.

"I love you forever boo-boo."

The post was liked more than 500,000 times as the grief of the NBA legend's death remains raw for his legions of fans.

Kobe – regarded as one of the greatest players of all time – died aged 41 in a helicopter crash along with along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

Investigations are continuing into the crash on January 26 that also killed seven other people in Calabasas, California.

Last month, new details emerged about the crash as 1,700 pages of reports were released by the National Transportation Safety Board.

It revealed pilot Ara Zobayan told air traffic controllers he was climbing when he was actually descending before the crash.

The pilot also told passengers that the weather was looking "okay" in text messages before the planned departure.

Kobe, a five-time NBA champion, was travelling with his daughter and others for a basketball game at Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks.

Most other air traffic that morning – including LAPD choppers – were grounded due to fog and rain.

The N72EX chopper had been reportedly flying at about 184 miles-per-hour in "blinding fog".

It then plunged more than 1,000 feet in about a minute, crash-landing into a fireball on a mountainside at 9.46am.

Kobe's widow Vanessa hit the aircraft's owner, Island Express, with the 72-page lawsuit on the day of his memorial, a month after the deadly crash.

It alleged in the court document that the company and pilot were "wanton, willful, callous, reckless and depraved".

Island Express have however claimed Vanessa has no case against them — in part because the foggy weather conditions were an “act of god”.

The company also claims Kobe and the rest of the passengers should have known flying in the helicopter was dangerous.

Vanessa is also suing for "pain", "pre-impact terror" and other damages which may have been suffered by Kobe and Gianna before they plunged to their deaths.

It alleges the pilot had failed to get weather data, he didn't stop the flight even when he learned of the cloudy conditions, and he failed to avoid "natural obstacles" in the flight path of the chopper.

The court documents also state that Zobayan was disciplined five years ago for violating the visual flight rule minimums when he flew into airspace with bad visibility.

Along with Kobe, Gigi and the pilot, the other victims were Sarah Chester, her daughter Payton 13, Christina Mauser, John and Keri Altobelli and their daughter Alyssa, 14.

The investigation into the crash continues.

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