Vet disciplined for posting pic of a dying dog online without owner’s permission – The Sun

A MODEL turned vet has been disciplined for posting snaps of ill pets on her glamorous Instagram without owners’ permission – including a dog about to be put down.

Natalia Strokowska, 28, uploaded the pics alongside sexy shots of her in bikinis on the account which she says helps spread a message of animal welfare.

But the Pole has been handed a reprimand and formal warning over six posts she made while working as a locum at surgeries across the UK.

It is believed to be the first time that a vet has been officially sanctioned over posting images of animals on social media.

In one she shared a picture of a leg of a young greyhound about to be put to sleep and wrote: “Is this reason to good enough to euthanize your 2 y o dog?”

Another showing a poorly Westie called Benji at Barn Lodge vets in Ormskirk, Lancs left its owner “taken aback” when it appeared on her feed.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons hearing sitting in London heard Benji “looked stressed” and his owner was “shocked” it was posted.

Images of a sick Labrador, guinea pigs with a skin condition and a dachshund called Darcy were also posted while Strokowska worked at Abbey Veterinary Centre in Shrewsbury, Shrops.

Darcy’s owner had taken her dog for dental work but was left “shocked and upset” by the use of its picture.


The owner of a cat called Albi said she was “absolutely devastated” to learn about the posting of her pet.

Strokowska, who now works in Warsaw, Poland, has almost 26,000 followers on Instagram under her “VetNoLimits” handle.

She has been dubbed the hottest vet in the world for the account but the panel concluded her “enthusiasm for her social media activities” overrode her duty to obtain consent.

The vet was also punished for practising at six surgeries between July 2016 and August 2017 when she was not registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

The panel found she “had not acted dishonestly” in working when not registered but that it amounted to “professional misconduct”.

Panel chair Prof Alistair Barr said owners saw her posts as “a betrayal of trust” which was so severe one no longer attends the practice where Strokowska took the pictures.

It concluded that the “danger” of her social media posts was “demonstrated” by those patients left “very upset” and the pictures were “serious breaches” of their code.

They said she showed “disregard of the interest of the owners and the practice employing [Strokowska], in favour of her own interests."

Prof Barr said: “Veterinary surgeons must not disclose information about a client or the client's animals to a third party, unless the client gives permission or animal welfare or the public interest may be compromised.

“Veterinary surgeons must not engage in any activity or behaviour that would be likely to bring the profession into disrepute or undermine public confidence in the profession.”

The panel said her conduct fell “well short of the behaviour to be expected of a member of the veterinary profession”.

Strokowska said she had apologised and “expressed regret” for the posts and said it was “usual practice” for her to seek permission before uploading pictures.

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