VIDEO: Man carrying tumble dryer on his head falls over

Taking a tumble! Painful moment man falls backwards over a garden gate as he tries to carry a tumble dryer on his shoulder

  • Garry Donald spotted the bizarre incident while reviewing CCTV footage  
  • Donald Donald, 28, left his broken tumble dryer outside his house for collection 
  • One man trying to lift the dryer onto his shoulder loses balance and falls over 

This is the bizarre moment a man fell backwards over a garden gate when he tried to carry off a broken tumble drier left outside a house. 

Garry Donald, 28, spotted the incident while reviewing his home security camera footage in Darlington, County Durham, last month.

Mr Donald had left the tumble dryer outside his house so it could be collected by a local scrap merchant. 

The footage shows a man lifting up the dryer and apparently trying to carry it onto his shoulder. 

Garry Donald, 28, from Darlington, County Durham was reviewing his CCTV footage after he heard a loud bang outside the front of his house

Mr Donald saw one of the men trying to carry a tumble dryer over his head

As he tries to bounce the bulky appliance upwards the weight proves too much and it tips backwards over his head.

The man tries to cling onto the dryer and is dragged backwards towards the garden wall, before the kitchen appliance appears to smash him on the head. 

As the dryer falls to the ground he dragged headfirst over the gate, with his legs flailing in the air.  

The man’s friend helps him back onto his feet and he rubs his head with his hand before the pair walk off, leaving the dryer on Mr Donald’s path.  

Mr Donald shared the footage of the incident, which happened on January 19, on TikTok with the headline: ‘When you leave a dryer out for rag-bone men.’

More than 72,000 people have viewed the footage which has received thousands of ‘likes’. 

Many people took time to leave a comment. Elizabeth Russell said: ‘Ouch, that hurt.’ 

A second person claimed ‘that’s the best thing I’ve seen all day’. 

Paul Wright suggested: ‘Sometimes you just need to let go.’ 

While several made fun of the victim suggesting ‘auto spin was on a timer’ or claiming the man ‘took a tumble’. 

Mr Donald said he left the tumble dryer outside his house so it could be collected by the rag and bone man

Nicole Harris added: ‘Watched this about ten times and can’t stop laughing.’ 

Commenting on the video, Mr Donald said: ‘I heard the bang on the fence and ran to the window as they were driving away and saw the dryer back on the other side of the fence.

‘I watched my CCTV back and was in stitches of laughter.’

Mr Donald said he left the dryer outside the front of his home for collection 

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