Video Of Rudy Giuliani Dressed In Drag While Being ‘Seduced’ By Trump Resurfaces

In the video, Trump can be seen ‘motorboating’ into Guiliani’s cleaveage.

A video in which Donald Trump shoves his face into the cleavage of Rudy Giuliani, dressed in drag, has resurfaced, Yahoo News is reporting.

As is the case with so many online videos, this one was never really gone; at least one version of it has been on YouTube since 2006. And indeed, it was shown on late-night TV in 2016, when Stephen Colbert featured it on his show in response to an attack Giuliani had made against Hillary Clinton.

Nevertheless, in light of Giuliani recently joining Trump’s legal team, and in light of his many recent instances of apparently speaking out of turn, the video has been gaining views and shares again.

The video was made back in 2000, long before Trump had expressed interest in politics, and back when Giuliani was the mayor of New York. At that year’s annual Mayor’s Inner Circle Press Roast, during which journalists and politicians gather to laugh at each other and themselves, Trump and Giuliani performed a skit.

Giuliani, dressed in drag, walks though a store, past women’s clothes, as comedic music plays in the background. Trump looks on, and nods his head in approval. Eventually, Trump sticks his nose into Giuliani’s “breasts” and wiggles his nose back-and-forth, and act that Urban Dictionary calls “motorboating.”

Giuliani rebuffs Trump’s advances.

“Oh, you dirty boy, you! Donald, I thought you were a gentleman!”

A defeated Trump takes the rejection in stride.

“Can’t say I didn’t try!”

By Monday, the video had blown up on Reddit, where it was the source of most of the newest gifs created and shared that day.

Although the video was created from a place of humor, the subtext — Trump appearing to lecherously eyeball a “woman” and touching her intimately without her permission — is not lost on The Independent writer Maya Oppenheim.

“The footage takes on a different meaning in light of the now infamous Access Hollywood 2005 tape which was leaked in 2016. In the tape, Mr. Trump could be heard bragging about groping and making unwanted advances on women and saying he was such a ‘star’ that he could grab women ‘by the p***y.’”

Now that he’s on Trump’s legal team, Giuliani has been making statements that appear to contradict Trump’s. For example, last week he made the bombshell revelation that Trump “funneled” hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels through a law firm, despite Trump’s continual claims that he knew nothing about it. Later, Giuliani claimed that rumors of a $35,000-per-month retainer paid to Trump attorney Michael Cohen were just that — rumors — even though days earlier he had claimed that the retainer was a fact.

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