Violent all in brawl after Derby Day captured on camera

Metal bollards are sent flying by furious night-clubbers as a security guard is bitten on the face during a brawl outside the Australian venue hosting Usain Bolt and Scott Disick and Sofia Richie

  • A wild brawl out the front of a busy nightclub has been captured on carmera
  • Witnesses say the security guard sparked the fight by throwing the first punch 
  • Revellers were filmed throwing metal poles at security guards in the melee 
  • After the scuffle, the guard was left with deep bite marks imprinted on his cheek
  • Usain Bolt was DJing on the night of the brawl while Scott Disick and girlfriend Sofia Richie  were hosting

A wild all in nightclub brawl which left a security guard with teeth marks in his face has been caught on camera.

The fight kicked off in front of Alumbra Nightclub in Melbourne’s Docklands just after midnight on Sunday morning when bar security refused entry to a patron.

The angry customer begins arguing with a security guard before the shouting match descends into violence.

Usain Bolt was DJing on the night of the brawl while Scott Disick and girlfriend Sofia Richie were hosting 

A metal bollard was thrown at security in an all-in brawl in Melbourne’s inner-city overnight

A bystander’s footage of the confrontation shows revellers and security coming from every angle to get involved in the fight.

The witness told Seven News a guard threw the first punch after a metal pole was thrown at him.

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The footage appears to show a security guard shoving a man walking towards him, before they begin grappling.

The patron latches himself onto the guard with his teeth as other bystanders and security struggle to pull them apart.

Bystanders say the guard threw the first punch (left) and was left with bite marks after grappling with the patron (right)

Police attended the nightclub (pictured) but those involved had already left

After the scuffle, the guard was left with deep teeth marks in his cheek.

Victoria Police attended the scene but by the time they arrived the patrons involved had left.

Hundreds of revellers were inside the club as Usain Bolt and Scott Disick partied after the Derby Day races.

Alumbra has been contacted for comment.

Sofia Richie and boyfriend Scott Disick made an appearance at the club on the stage that night

Usain Bolt was DJing at the event and posed for pictures with the reality star 

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