WATCH: Mountain lion prowls through snowy Boulder yard — The Know

Nina Isaacs is from England, so when she saw a large animal moving through the snow outside her mother’s Lee Hill home on Monday, it took her a while to realize what she was looking at.

“It’s a really strange moment because my brain didn’t know how to make sense of what I was seeing,” said Isaacs, who is staying with her mother to get a reprieve from the lockdown in London. “I saw her just walk in front of the window, and I thought, ‘Is this a deer?’ And then I realized, the way she was moving, my brain clicked into gear and I realized it was a mountain lion.

“There’s nothing like that in London, the biggest thing we have is little tiny foxes in the trash can hanging out,” Isaacs said.

So Isaacs started recording video of the animal prowling just outside.

“Even though you have the glass, my heart was really accelerating,” Isaacs said. “I certainly wasn’t scared, but I was very alert.”

Even her mother’s dog Sassy was unusually quiet as she monitored the much larger cat.

“She will bark at deer and squirrels, but the mountain lion kind of struck her dumb, she was just silent,” Isaacs said. “I think it went beyond her, poor thing.”

Isaacs said the mountain lion prowled around for about two minutes before leaving.

“All I was thinking was, ‘This is an unreal moment,’” Isaacs said. “I just found it quite emotional actually when I stopped filming. We had a moment of eye contact, and it was intense.”

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