Weather UK forecast LIVE – Exact date snow will fall revealed as Met Office warns of freezing temperatures and downpours

FREEZING conditions are set to continue with experts predicting more snow will fall this week as temperatures plummet to -2C.

Forecasters expect Scotland, northern parts of England and the Midlands to be hit by the white stuff from Wednesday after April kicked off with a chill last week.

According to the Met Office's latest five-day forecast, snow will fall across Scotland on Wednesday before moving southwards.

And further wintry showers are then expected to hit the north of England on Thursday and Friday as the freezing weather continues.

A Met Office forecaster said: “Thursday and through the weekend is likely to be cold in the North with wintry showers, and a risk of snow on the edge of rain bands in the Midlands.

“Widespread frosts are expected in the North, with some icy patches."

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    Making sure you get a good night’s sleep despite the weather

    You don’t have to run up the heating bill, or shiver through the night, as there are a few simple ways that will guarantee the best sleep ever.

    Fabulous spoke with Silentnight’s sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan who revealed some affordable and fun ways that’ll help your family stay warm and sleep well.

    Dr Ramlakhan said: “You might think you are taking every step to make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep, but so many people neglect the most obvious thing – their sleep environment.

    “We need to feel comfortable in order to drift off into a deep and restful sleep, and a big part of this is the temperature of the room we’re going to sleep in.”

    Here are some tips that will help you doze off and rest well…

    • Wear fluffy gloves in bed
    • Invest in ‘teddy fleece’ bedding
    • Hug a microwaveable wheat bag

    Keeping temperatures up and bills down

    AS ENERGY costs rise, many of us are trying to resist the temptation to crank up the heating.

    There are several cost-effective ways to stay warm this winter that will not increase your bill.

    Here are some of the simplest.

    • ELECTRIC DREAMS: Use an electric blanket to heat your bed before you get in it.
    • DUVET DAY: A thicker duvet will keep you toasty.
    • LAYER UP: Instead of walking around your home in a T-shirt, turn down the heating slightly and pull on a jumper and socks.
    • DRESS DOWN: It is the perfect excuse to get into your PJs early.
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      Brits brace for -3C icy plunge with MORE cold weather

      BRITS are braced for freezing temperatures as low as -3C as even MORE cold weather is expected thos week.

      Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, told “There is no sign yet of any return to the warm and sunny weather that we saw at the end of March.

      “Temperatures will move back towards average at the start of the week, but this will be accompanied by more unsettled conditions from the Atlantic.

      “Winter can always bite back at this time of year, and well into April. It is going to turn colder again towards the end of the week, and there will be the risk of further snow.”

      The Met Office said the weather will be cloudy with rain on Monday, particularly in the west many while eastern areas will be dry with some brightness.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Weather until mid-April

      Until Friday 15 April, further unsettled conditions are expected to arrive later in the week. Most areas will see spells of rain or showers, potentially wintry on high ground at times.

      “Periods of drier and more settled weather are still possible, but more short-lived than recently,” the Met Office reports. 

      “Showers may be heavy at times, with hail and thunder possible. Strong winds are also likely at times, mainly in the north and the west, with temperatures generally near or slightly above average.”

    • Joseph Gamp

      Long range forecast for April

      Looking to Thursday April 7 – Saturday April 16, the Met Office said: “To end the week and through the weekend, it is likely to be cold in the north with wintry showers. Further south, weather systems coming in from the southwest will bring more prolonged spells of rain and strong winds.

      “There is a risk of snow at times on the northern edge of the bands of rain, this mainly across central and northern areas. Widespread frosts are expected in the north, with some icy patches likely. In southern areas, temperatures will be nearer to average, locally rather warm.

      “Into the following week, it will likely remain unsettled, but with the focus for the heaviest rain and strongest winds moving towards the north and west of the UK, allowing some drier interludes in the southeast.”

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      Met Office’s predictions for this week

      Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge told the Mirror Online: “A wetter and windier day round there and we could see some strong, possibly gale-force winds around Scotland.

      “More unsettled weather is set to hit most of Britain from Monday to Wednesday, with widespread rain and wind expected.

      “That’s the difficulty with spring and its peaks and troughs,” Mr Partridge added.

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      UK weather outlook for Tuesday and Wednesday

      Patchy light rain and drizzle for most on Tuesday, with more persistent rain in the afternoon, especially for Northern Ireland, northern England and Scotland. Cloudy for most. Moderate winds.

      Showers for most on Wednesday but with persistent, heavy rain for Scotland. Some sun for southern England

    • Joseph Gamp

      Today's forecast

      An overcast start for all tomorrow with rain affecting most areas, which will be heavy for western Scotland.

      In the afternoon, the rain will turn lighter and will become more patchy and showery.

      The rain will clear from southern England, but will persist in other areas. A strong westerly breeze.

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      April odds on being the coldest on record

      Leading bookmaker Coral makes this April odds on, at 4-5, to be the coldest the UK has ever recorded.

      It is now 2-1 on this summer being the UK’s coldest too.

      “We’re waking up to frost on the ground each morning of spring so far and we now make this April odds on to enter the record books as our coldest ever,” said Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead.

      “This summer could be a cold one, with our book now reading 2-1 on it being the coldest we have ever endured,” added Aitkenhead.

      • 4-5 this April to be the coldest since records began
      • 2-1 this summer to be the coldest since records began

      An even more expensive cost of living?

      The head of Octopus Energy has warned energy prices could rise even further in the winter.

      Greg Jackson told LBC: “Global energy prices is one of the most volatile markets and so it’s a fool who will make a strong prediction.

      “But what we do know is that the next energy price cap period is being set by the prices we’re seeing now, because there’s a sort of lag in the system.

      “So unless there’s a very rapid fall in the global prices, energy costs for people in the UK will stay high over the winter. They could even be higher. We just don’t know.

      “But of course we’re now in a situation where there are two factors that really make a difference.

      “First one is whether there are any more strategic moves related to Russia, whether the gas taps get turned down or not. And the second is what the weather does.

      “Essentially, what matters now is Europe going to be filling its gas storage because we’ve got mild weather? Or is it going to be emptying it because we’ve got bad weather?

      “So depending on the weather between now and the winter, there could be a very big difference in energy prices in the next few months.”

      How to keep your home warm WITHOUT turning up the heating

      With the cold weather coming back, chances are you’re tempted to turn up the heating to keep warm.

      But rather than spend the money, a savvy man shares six easy tips to keep your house warm, and they’re all completely free.

      Posting on TikTok, the man known as That Property Guy, shared a few simple hacks you can do – and they are all super easy.

      Firstly, if you do have the heating on, the man says to bleed your radiators to keep them running properly.

      Next, the man says to keep all blinds and shutters closed as, just like it keeps your house cool in the heat, it can also make your home feel warmer when it’s cold.

      The same goes for doors and lofts (if you have one). Leaving room doors open means the hot air will be spread across a larger area.

      Read more tips here.

      Keep your windscreens & headlights free from frost – or risk fines 

      DRIVERS have been reminded to keep their windscreens and headlights free from frost – or risk fines of up to £1,000.

      The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) tweeted a stern warning to British drivers as wintry weather returns and temperatures plummet.

      They quoted Rule 229 of the Highway Code on keeping your car clean.

      The DVSA wrote: “Before you set off on any journey, you MUST be able to see, so clear all snow and ice from all your windows.

      “[And] you MUST ensure lights are clean and number plates are clearly visible and legible.”

      Rule 231 continues: “Drive extremely carefully when the roads are icy. Avoid sudden actions as these could cause loss of control.”

      Drivers can face hefty fines for breaking the Highway Code, which is easier in poor weather.

      That includes a maximum £1,000 penalty charge for driving with a dirty or frost-covered number plate.

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