What college did Donald Trump go to?

DONALD Trump attended two universities before finally obtaining his bachelor's degree in 1968.

So which two schools does Trump consider as his alma maters?

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What college did Donald Trump go to?

President Trump enrolled at Fordham University for college in 1964.

After two years, he transferred from the Jesuit college in New York City to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

When did he graduate from the University of Pennsylvania? 

Trump graduated from UPenn in 1968 with a Bachelor's of Science in economics.

The president praised UPenn's business school as the "best college" while discussing his time at Wharton during a 2011 interview with Piers Morgan.

"I went to the best college: the Wharton School of finance, which to me is like the greatest business school," he told Morgan at the time.

What were his grades?

During his time at UPenn, the president took undergraduate classes at the prestigious Wharton School of Business, but he didn't obtain his MBA.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he graduated "first in his class" from Wharton, but it was actually the opposite.

The president actually graduated without honors and likely graduated with less than a 3.4 GPA, according to a Forbes report.

What was Donald Trump's college degree?

Donald Trump got his college degree in economics.

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