What is the scholarship challenge and why has it gone viral?

TIKTOK challenges continuously cause a stir on the internet, whether they are complex dance routines, topical trends, or priceless pranks.

But one comical craze has engrossed social media users more than ever- named the scholarship challenge – so what exactly is it?

What is the scholarship challenge?

The scholarship challenge is the latest hilarious trend taking over TikTok.

Users are pranking their parents and family members by pretending they are creating a video entry in a bid to gain a scholarship.

TikTokers sit beside their loved ones and begin to boast about how they have been an inspiration to them – but not all of it is true.

They then record themselves telling a string of outlandish lies about their family member – while they listen in horror and amusement.

The challenge essentially aims to show the entertaining reactions of relatives and how far they would truly go for their youngsters to earn a scholarship.

Why has the scholarship challenge gone viral?

The scholarship challenge quickly overwhelmed the internet and encouraged thousands of users to get involved in the practical joke.

Some individual's ability to share the side-splitting stories while remaining composed had users in stitches – but the reactions are what really have people cracking up.

The most common fictional background is that the family member had a previous career as a stripper or an escort to put food on the table – seeing parents left open-mouthed at their unbelievable statements.

Some savvy relatives go along with the outrageous story while others expose the tale as a downright lie – leaving TikTokers cracking up.

The challenge has been praised on social media, with some dubbing it "the best thing they have seen all year".

One Twitter user wrote: "The scholarship challenge has me in tears!"

Another said: "The scholarship challenge are the most entertaining videos rn."

"Really love watching this scholarship challenge," a third added.

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