What’s your fitness age?

As the Canadian population continues to age, quality of life becomes more important.

It’s one thing just to age, but something completely different to maintain the physical independence of someone years or decades younger. That’s what inspired a four-part series produced by Mike Arsenault and Ross Hull.

What does it really mean to be fit, to be well-rounded in a variety of fitness challenges to try to beat the age listed on your birth certificate?

Joining us in the competition are Jennifer Valentyne and Liem Vu from Global News Morning.

The first episode puts all of us through a health assessment and mobility test.

Here is the scoring sheet for the challenges in the first episode.

If you’re watching at home and want to try testing your own fitness age, you can follow the scoring graphic above for the first episode.

Be sure to check back here every Friday for future episodes and exercise demos.

The University of Toronto’s head strength coach Adrian Lightlowler and University of Toronto women’s hockey player Kiyono Cox explain and show how to do a proper overhead squat and a proper lunge:

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