Where is Leverkusen in Germany? Five missing in industrial explosion

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A huge explosion at a German industrial park has been declared an “extreme threat” with five people missing and 16 injured. Cologne Police said several people had been injured in the blast and urged people to stay away from the area to ensure emergency services can access rescue routes.

In a statement posted on its Twitter page, the force said: “The situation in Leverkusen-Wiesdorf is currently still confusing.

“We are with many police officers on site and clarifying the situation. There are several injured. Avoid the area. 

“We need all rescue routes on site. Keep the streets clear for the emergency services.”

The company responsible for the site, Currenta, says the explosion happened at 9.40am on Tuesday and was followed by a fire in the tank farm of the Bürrig disposal centre.

Currenta said in a statement several employees were injured, at least two of them severely, and five people remain missing

A spokesman for Currenta said: “For a previously unknown cause, there was an explosion at Chempark Leverkusen at around 9:40 a.m, followed by a fire in the tank farm of the Bürrig disposal centre. 

“The rescue workers are on duty. The air test van is in use. 

“The sirens and warning apps were triggered to warn the population.”

Where is Leverkusen?

Leverkusen is approximately 13 miles north of Cologne on the Rhine river.

Leverkusen is home to Bayer, one of Germany’s biggest chemical companies.

It has about 163,000 residents and borders Cologne, which is Germany’s fourth biggest city and has around one million people living there. Many residents work at Bayer, which is one of the biggest employers in the region.



The blast has prompted police to urge nearby residents to remain in their homes and keep windows and doors shut.

A large number of police, firefighters, helicopters and ambulances have been deployed to the scene.

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