Where is Shannon Flynn now?

MURDER Among The Mormons is a new Netflix docoseries which investigates three bombings in 1985 that sent shockwaves through Salt Lake City’s mormon community.

The interviewee in the opening scene is Shannon Flynn, a rare document dealer who tells a large portion of the story.

Who is Shannon Flynn?

Shannon Flynn began his career dealing in rare documents in his late teen years, after he became interested in the Church of the Latter Day Saints, HITC TV reports.

Flynn met the perpetrator of the series, Mark Hofman, in a bookshop and the pair became good friends.

Hofmann, who was raised in a devout Mormon family in Salt Lake City, where the church has its headquarters. 

The letter was supposedly written by Martin Harris, an important figure in early Mormon history.

Hoffmann was later caught up in a blast as he carried a series of documents that were thought to contain "explosive and embarrassing revelations about the Mormon church", and supposedly included the famous Salamander letter.

The Salamander Letter was a document which offered a controversial view of the Latter Day Saint movement.

It presented a view of Latter Day Saint founder Joseph Smith’s life that was at odds with the accepted recorded history of the church that Smith established.

Tt was later found that Mark, the supposed victim of the bombing, had forged documents – including the letter.

As police investigated the case, it was found that Mark, the supposed victim of the bombing, had forged documents and had intended to kill himself after orchestrating two prior bombings.

Flynn, seemingly a legitimate document dealer, was interrogated and had his house raided following the murders.

Where is Shannon Flynn now? 

According to HITC TV reports, Flynn now runs a parking lot maintenance business, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

He has been vocal about the forgery and murders shadowing early Mormonism, having given a series of interviews about the incidents in 2017.

There was no solid confirmation around whether Shannon Flynn was still a practising Mormon.

However, a blog called By Common Consent features a guest post discussing mormon books and studies by a writer named Shannon Flynn, in 2018. 

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