Where will it snow in the UK over the next 24 hours: Forecast of ‘sleet and wet snow’

Weather: Temperature to plummet to -5c with some snow

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The balmy weather enjoyed by Brits last week has unfortunately come to an end, with snow and sleet forecast for some particularly unfortunate areas of the UK. The Met Office is now warning that multiple regions will be hit by snow as soon as today.

The Met Office report for this week reads: “A spell of unsettled weather is on the way for much of the country this week, with rain showers and a possible mix of sleet and snow, especially on high ground in the north.”

This is due to a high-pressure system, shifting to the south, making way for a “risk of unsettled conditions for many from late Tuesday and into Wednesday.”

The report continues: “As the cold front sinks to the south late on Wednesday, there’s an ongoing chance of a wintry mix of precipitation for most, with rain and sleet more likely on the lower ground, although flakes of snow remain possible in places, albeit unlikely to settle for any length of time.

“Higher ground in the northeast, and even further south, could see a few cm of slushy wet snow in places, but this will likely melt quickly on Thursday morning.”

Where will it snow in the next 24 hours?

According to WXCharts, multiple areas will see snow in the coming days.

From lunchtime on Wednesday, maps show a possibility of snow in the north of England and very north of Scotland.

The north west of England, including Manchester, Preston and Carlisle, can expect as much as 2cm of snow.

Inverness, Aberdeen and Wick can also expect a similar amount of snow that more likely to settle due to colder temperatures.

During the day, the snowy front will move downward into east Wales and Birmingham, and could hit London by 9pm this evening.

In the late evening, the cold weather will continue down to the south coast of Kent and Sussex before making its way across the Channel.

Overnight, the area between Newcastle and Edinburgh can expect a light smattering of snow – no more than 1cm – before clearing off by the time daylight breaks on Thursday.

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What about the rest of the week?

Thursday is expected to bring more, albeit lighter showers of snow across the UK.

WXCharts maps show swathes of Scotland experiencing snowfall, concentrated predominately along the east coast around Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh, but north western areas will also have some showers around lunchtime.

Snow is also likely to be seen lower Northumberland and North Yorkshire at the same time.

Into the afternoon, the north of Wales and some central areas of England will experience some light snow, which is expected to clear by as early as 6pm.

On Thursday evening snow will reappear on the east coast, but is not expected to settle overnight.

On Friday, northern areas will bear the brunt of the remaining cold weather front, with light snow predicted for the east coast of northern England and southern Scotland.

There is also a chance for some light snow in northern Wales again.

By 6pm, snow showers will have cleared in all areas aside from the Highlands in Scotland, which can expect heavier snowfall overnight into Saturday.

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