Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Former Judge Jeanine Pirro On ‘The View’

Fox News correspondent former Judge Jeanine Pirro sat down with the ladies of The View to discuss her new book Liars, Leakers, and Liberals today. The interview was cut short towards the end when Pirro brought up victims of violence committed by illegal immigrants, Whoopi cut her off saying “bye” and cut to commercial.

In the interview, Pirro butted heads with some of the hosts throughout the interview, but typical debating as per usual with The View. Then Pirro pointed a finger at Whoopi Goldberg and the interview, specifically Whoopi, exploded.

“Did you just point at me?” Goldberg asked during the interview, “Listen, I don’t have Trump derangement. Let me tell you what I have. I’m tired of people starting a conversation with ‘Mexicans are liars and rapists.’” This was welcomed with thunderous applause from the audience, but Goldberg continued. “Listen, 62 years old. There have been a lot of people in office that I didn’t agree with. But I have never, ever seen anything like this. I have never seen anybody whip up such hate. I have never seen anybody be so dismissive,” Whoopi added, “What I suffer from is the inability to figure out how to fix that, that’s my issue.” Whoopi then tried to turn the interview around by asking Pirro about the Deep State, but apparently Pirro wanted to fight more.


Pirro tried to fire back by saying, “Your opening statement which was how horrible it is that Donald Trump is talking about all of these people. Whoopi, You know what’s horrible?” Pirro asked Goldberg. “When people who shouldn’t be here end up murdering the children of American citizens. What’s horrible is we have sanctuary cities.”

Whoopi over yelled her by shouting, “What is horrible is when the president of the United States whips up people to beat the hell out of people!” Whoopi then ended by exclaiming, “Say goodbye I’m done!” The audience throughout continued to be in favor of Whoopi. The show immediately went to commercial break.

Upon returning from the break, Whoopi offered an apology. According to Real Clear Politics, Whoopi calmly stated: “You saw me do something I very rarely do, I very rarely lose my cool and I’m not proud of it. I don’t like it. But I also don’t like being accused of being hysterical because that is one of the things I try not to be on this show.”

Whoopi Goldberg has been a host of The View since 2007. She is also one of the very few people who has an EGOT – an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

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