Why are you smiling? Kamala Harris laughs at reporter as VP gets grilled on Afghanistan

Kamala Harris insists Afghanistan evacuation is 'highest priority'

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A Tiktok video has captured Kamala Harris laughing at a reporter asking her questions about Afghanistan’s ongoing evacuation. The US Vice President had made little public comment about her views on Joe Biden’s decision to pull all US troops from the region despite the threat from the Taliban. Ms Harris said the evacuation remains the “highest priority” for the United States but her response sparked a furious reaction from social media users.

In the video, the Vice-President could be seen approaching the reporters with a smile on her face.

As she approached the press pool, one of the journalists could be heard asking about “her thoughts” about the withdrawal, to which Ms Harris replied laughing and saying: “Hold on, hold on. Slow down, everybody.”

She then continued: “We have a higher priority right now.

“And that is one of our highest if not the highest priority right now.”

The Vice President also spoke to reporters during a joint press conference with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong about America’s priority.

She said responding to a reporter’s question on U.S. efforts in Afghanistan: “Right now we are singularly focused on evacuating American citizens, Afghans who worked with us and Afghans who are vulnerable, including women and children.”

However, Twitter has responded with fury, with one user writing: “We couldn’t have a higher property right now. 

“That’s why I’m going to board this plane and depart this self-inflicted catastrophe.”

Another commented: “What a frumpy mess that woman is.

“Cackling all the time. Clueless about what she’s speaking about. It’s embarrassing.”

While a third asked: “Why is she laughing and smiling?

“It’s great to be positive but also great to read the ‘room’.”

The Biden administration is facing increasing criticism over its handling of the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.


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Thousands have flooded to the Kabul airport in hopes of escaping the country.

On Sunday, President Biden said the US has a “long way to go and things could go wrong” in the evacuation from Kabul.

He said during a press conference: “The evacuation of thousands of people from Kabul is going to be hard and painful no matter when it started, when we began.”

The president also said “our hope is that we will not have to extend” the August 31 deadline to exit Afghanistan.
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