Widow, 91, writes her OWN death notice and says she was ‘ready to go’

Jean Hedley, 91, said she had "finally popped her clogs" in the notice inviting friends and family to her funeral in Durham.

Jean from Ferryhill, County Durham also wrote a letter which will be read out to mourners at her funeral service on Wednesday.

The death notice, published in the Northern Echo, read: "Jean Hedley would like to say to all her loving family and friends that she has finally POPPED HER CLOGS and gone to be with Ted, her loving late husband who she has missed terribly for 25 years.

"Don't be sad, she was ready, it was time to go."

The notice also specifically said that there shouldn't be any flowers, tears, sad poems or hymns at her funeral.

Instead, she asked for smiles and happy memories at her send off.

She ended the moving message with: "Your love, support and kindness have been wonderful and I'll miss you all. God bless, Jean xx".

Mrs Hedley was a well-known and much-loved member of her local community, receiving more than 100 cards on her 91st birthday back in May.

She was born in 1927 in Bishop Auckland and married husband Ted in in 1947.

Ted passed away in 1993.

Mrs Hedley was a founding member of the Friends of Ferryhill Institute which has raised thousands of pounds for charitable causes.

And she created a line-dancing class which she personally ran for over 20 years.

Jean Hedley passed away aged 91 on October 24.


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