Woke foodies want word 'curry' to be cancelled over claims 'it's rooted in British colonialism'

WOKE foodies want the word “curry” to be cancelled over claims it is rooted in British colonialism.

They say it was coined by white people too lazy to learn the real names of Indian dishes.

Food blogger Chaheti Bansal, 27, says in an online video seen 3.6milllion times that the world should “unlearn” the term.

Pat Chapman, 80, of the UK’s Good Curry Guide, fumed: “Oh my God, what next? It is a crazy idea that something now ought to be cancelled because of its supposed links with the past.

“The word curry has served us well for many, many years.”

Tory MP Marco Longhi added: “What’s wrong with these people? There are so many generic food terms. Is pizza racist?”

Historians say the word came from British people mishearing the Tamil word “kari” for side dish or sauce.

US-based Ms Bansal said: “Food in India changes every 100km and we are still using this umbrella term popularised by white people who couldn’t be bothered to learn the actual names of our dishes.

“You shouldn’t just lump all of our foods together.”

Indian chef Cyrus Todiwala, of London’s Café Spice Namaste, said: “I do not consider it racist at all.

"It is something that was simple for people to understand while they were in India.”

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