Woman ‘allergic to cold’ who can’t eat ice lolly says energy crisis may kill her

A woman who is allergic to cold weather has shared her fears that the energy bill crisis could kill her due to plummeting temperatures.

Vicki Noble, from Broadstairs, Kent, suffers from a rare allergy to the cold which will see her forced to pay out during the energy hike to avoid having troubles with her breathing.

The condition affects just 0.05% of the population and prevents her from leading a normal life even in the summer.

Her cold urticaria means that day-to-day activities such as popping to the supermarket or holding a cold drink could leave her with painful itchy weals.

Artist Vicki says she stays home as much as she can in the winter but has to wear gloves, a scarf and a hood when going to the shops to protect her skin.

Once when windsurfing on holiday in Greece in temperatures of 26C (78F) she was taken to hospital after falling into the sea.

Before she was diagnosed with the condition in 2014, the artist ironically ran a holiday chalet in Austria and was skiing every day.

A rise in the wholesale price of gas has seen Brits facing a heat or eat crisis as household energy bills have rocketed.

Vicki warned: "With energy prices rising, it's so important that people know about this.

"I can't go to my gallery because it's too cold and have to heat our home.

"I feel so sorry for families who have children with this allergy like me.

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"They will have to keep the heating turned up and that's going to get so expensive.

"I've now bought myself a pair of electric leggings."

She added: "It's rare and a disability that has turned my life upside down.

"People just don't believe me when I tell them I'm allergic to the cold, but it's real, very real. It can be life threatening."

Just days ago she said she splashed "a few drops" of cold water on her arm which left her with painful weals.

"I have to be careful in supermarkets by the chilled and freezer units and avoid air conditioning on trains or anywhere else," she said.

"I wear gloves when looking for things in my deep freeze and literally can't hold ice cold drinks. I have to keep swapping hands and can't eat ice lollies.

"The weals and rash appear in minutes. They itch and give a painful burning sensation. I get breathing problems and I'm left feeling tired and drained.

"It's quite bizarre when you think we lived in Austria for years and went skiing every day. But now every day has to be planned.

"The worst thing is I can't really explain to people as they just don't understand.

"Hopefully this will raise awareness about something that can leave sufferers devastated."

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