Woman and girlfriend team up to brutally attack mum

A woman and her girlfriend teamed up to brutally attack her mother

The assault came just days after Helena Happell, 43, said: “I’m dying to get rid of her."

Happell and her girlfriend Mary Hawthorn 34, turned up at the home of Loretta Happell before pouncing on the helpless 58-year-old.

Happell choked and stabbed her mum then asked Hawthorn: “Do you want a shot?”

A blood-soaked Loretta was stopped from leaving her flat in Glasgow’s Blairdardie.

Hawthorn then urged Happell to lie someone else was responsible, reports the Daily Record.

But, Loretta later told police her daughter and Hawthorn were behind her ordeal.

The pair are now behind bars after they pleaded guilty to assaulting Loretta to her severe injuries, permanent disfigurement and danger of her life.

They will learn their fate when they return to the dock next month.

The High Court in Glasgow heard the duo had appeared at Loretta’s flat around mid-day on February 17 2017.

This was after the three women had a “heated argument” days earlier at a bar.

On turning up, Loretta told them: “This is my house. If both of you start then I’m going to throw you out.”

Hawthron started to walk away and asked her lover: “Are you coming, babe?”

But, prosecutor Owen Mullan explained: “The next thing Loretta Happell recalls is being grabbed by her daughter and bent forwards over the sofa.

“She then wrapped a phone charger cable around her neck. Loretta shouted: ‘Leave me alone’.

“Happell replied: ‘No, I’m not f*****g letting you go’.”

The mum was then stabbed in the neck and body as Happell shouted to Hawthorn: “Do you want a shot?”

Happell instead went on to choke Loretta before slash her on the legs.

Mr Mullan: “She forced her way to her feet and saw she was bleeding heavily.

“She was then punched and kicked by Hawthorn.”

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Loretta desperately tried to contact the concierge at her flats – but discovered her daughter her cut the wire to the intercom.

The court heard she was then “in shock” at what happened.

It was Happell who then called for an ambulance – as Hawthorn meantime prevented Loretta leaving.

Mr Mullan: “Hawthorn was telling Happell to state on the phone that someone else was responsible for the assault.”

During the 999 call, Happell said her mum had been “stabbed several times” and was “bleeding awful bad”.

The operator asked were the attackers still there. But, Happell replied: “I’m not really sure – we have just arrived.”

Police soon arrived and discovered a crying and blood-soaked Loretta outside the block.

She stated Happell and Hawthorn had been responsible for her injuries. The court heard Loretta had wounds to her cheek, throat, abdomen and legs.

She meantime told ambulance staff: “I can’t believe my daughter and her partner would do this to me.”

Loretta needed surgery with medics stating the neck injuries had the “potential to be life threatening”.

Happell and Hawthorn were later traced elsewhere – with blood still on their clothes.

Mr Mullan said: “According to police, Happell’s demeanour was calm. Hawthorn was visibly distressed, shaking and very nervous.”

Officers went on to find a “Stanley-type knife” at Loretta’s blood-stained block.

Happell’s mobile phone was later examined during the probe into the attack.

Messages between her and a “Mary Crawford” were found. Just five days before the assault, Happell stated: “I’m dying to get rid of her…”

In another, she then said: “Or we can wait until we get her out sometime and then do her in with knife or something.”

The pair, of the city’s Drumchapel, had been due to appear at the high court to face the accusations in January this year.

However, they failed to turn up and a judge issued warrants for their arrests. They were eventually traced and today both appeared from custody.

They also pled guilty to failing to appear, but an explanation to their court no-show was not given. Lord Matthews deferred sentencing for reports.

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