Woman behind frozen eyelashes selfie shows face covered in mosquitoes

Woman whose selfie of her frozen lashes taken at -40C went viral shows Siberia’s summers are equally tough – with her face covered in mosquitoes

  • Anastasia Gruzdev’s icy eyelashes were a hit on social media six months ago
  • Now the wedding shop worker has shown the horrors of a hot Siberian summer 
  • In a new selfie, the 25-year-old’s face is covered with a swarm of mosquitoes 
  • Winter temperatures plunge to around -60C but summer can hit 30C or higher

If you thought winter was harsh in Siberia, it looks like summer is is just as tough.

Anastasia Gruzdeva, who went viral six months ago when her eyelashes froze into icy extensions in minus 40C temperatures, has returned with a shocking new selfie.

Only this time the wedding shop worker’s snap is less dreamy and more nightmarish, as her face is covered with dozens of blood-sucking mosquitoes.

Anastasia Gruzdeva’s latest selfie covered with blood-sucking mosquitoes shows Siberia is not nearly as dreamy in summer as it is in winter

The 25-year-old wedding shop worker went viral six months ago after -40C temperatures froze icy extensions onto her eyelashes

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Anastasia decided to show summer reality in her native Yakutia region, Russia’s diamond capital, also known as the Sakha republic.

‘The picture was made in seconds,’ said Anastasia from a village called Solnechny, which means ‘sunny’.

‘After taking it, I just jumped on the bicycle and rushed away. In fact, you do not feel them so much on your face.

While winter in Siberia can hit lows of -60C, summer heat can hit temperatures as high as 30C

‘My legs, arms and back are more sensitive, so for a few seconds, I can endure this.

‘Mind you, I have a sudden thought: can they bite me to death?’ 

In winter temperatures can plunge to around minus 60C – but in summer thermometers hit the 30C or higher.

The region has the biggest ranges of temperatures from winter to summer in the world.

Anastasia’s family jokes that she’s a ‘star’ after her famous selfie went viral earlier this year

For example, the outpost of Verkhoyansk has yo-yoed as much as 105 degrees Celsius or 188F between seasons, from minus 68C (-90F) to 37C (98F).

After her winter pictures, seen all around the world, she told The Siberian Times: 

‘My family make jokes about it from time to time, saying something like ‘you’re a star now’.

But for her it is a normal part of life – like mosquitoes.

‘Of course I didn’t expect anything like that to happen,’ she said of her image went viral. 

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