Woman breaks down as she hears her son’s heart beating in another man’s chest

"It was loud, it was strong, as strong as his love for us actually."

Those were the emotional words of Aletha Gomez after hearing her late partner’s heart beating in another mans’ chest.

Perry Choy, a firefighter from San Francisco, died after suffering a devastating stroke last year.

Aletha said he had always made it clear what his wishes were when it came to organ donation.

"He told me, ‘You know when I pass away, when I die, what am I gonna do with it? Might as well donate it and save more lives,’" she told TV channel KOVR.

And so Mr Choy, who spent his career helping others, was able to give perhaps his greatest gift to a stranger in death.

His heart was donated to 63-year-old Jim Donovan who had been waiting two years for a transplant.

"I actually gave up, and I gave up for a long time. And I didn’t think anything would happen," he said.

And now Mr Choy’s partner Aletha was able to hear his heart again after meeting Mr Donovan who is celebrating a "second life".

Aletha said she knew it’s what Perry would have wanted.

"This is his will. This is what he wants," she said.

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