Woman breaks multiple bones after back-flip down waterfall at tourist hotspot

A woman filmed back-flipping off a waterfall broke multiple bones and needed rescuing by a helicopter.

The shocking footage, which was recorded last summer, shows the 21-year-old in a bikini, throwing herself off the Traverse Falls in California.

A California Highway Patrol (CHP) helicopter was able to hoist her out of the area and transport her to Sutter Roseville hospital for treatment.

The CHP released the video on Monday in a desperate bid to draw attention to an increase in river-related accidents as the weather turns warmer.

The officer also released footage from this Sunday, which showed a woman who needed to be rescued from the south Yuba River.

Several bystanders jumped into the water, rescuing her, and began emergency resuscitation.

Emergency services arrived and used a rescue rope system to get her to the roadway.

She was then transported to Sutter Roseville for further treatment.

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