Woman declared dead by judge in 2017 fights to prove that she’s alive

A woman who was declared dead in 2017 is fighting to prove that she’s alive after a judge ruled her deceased – even though there was no death certificate.

Jeanne Pouchain, 58, was officially declared dead amid a legal dispute with a former employee that led to her having "no identity" for more than three years.

Neither Pouchain nor her relatives received a summons for the hearing and the Appeals Court of Lyon ruled her dead.

Her husband and son were then ordered to pay the ex-worker €14,000, the equivalent to £12,457.

Desperate Pouchain even got a letter from her doctor stating she is alive – but has been told that is not enough proof.

She told French newspaper France Belu: "I went to see a lawyer, who told me that we would quickly be able to settle this.

"I went to my doctor, to make a paper saying that I was alive, and this document apparently is not enough given that there had been a judgment"

Mrs Pouchain added that she can't "prove to the banks" that she is alive either and feels as though she has "no identity."

She said it has led to her sitting at home and living in confinement for three years.

She added: "I have no identity paper, no security , I cannot prove to the banks that I am alive, I am nothing."

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Her lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, said he didn't believe it at first and didn't think it was possible that judges could pronounce someone death without a death certificate.

He told France Belu: "I did not believe it.

"I could not think that judges pronounce a death without any certificate.

"This is a very rare procedure, I believe that at the Lyon Court of Appeal it is unprecedented."

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