Woman falls to her death in Indian river wile posing for a selfie

Woman poses for selfie on banks of raging Indian river – moments before she topples in and is swept to her death

  • The woman was posing for a selfie on the river bank in Kanakund, Odisha region 
  • Horrified locals watched as the woman was swept away by the raging torrent
  • Locals named the unfortunate victim as Nirumpama Prajapati from Odisha 

A woman died after falling into a river in eastern India – after she lost her balance while taking selfies on nearby rocks.

The video shows the horrifying last moments of the woman, who has since been named locally as Nirupama Prajapati.

It appears to show her taking selfies before a man nearby stumbles – apparently accidentally causing her to lose her balance and topple into the heavy currents.

The woman, pictured, was standing at the edge of the river beside a section of rapids near a picnic spot in the district of Odisha

As the woman takes a selfie, a man appears to stumble behind her sending her into the water

The woman, pictured, enters the water and is unable to stand up so is washed rapidly down stream

The tragic scene unfolded near Kanakund, a picnic spot in the Sundargarh district of Odisha.

In the footage, a man can be seen walking behind the woman as she is taking a photograph. 

The man slips and knocks into the woman who falls into the rapids. 

Another woman screams as the victim is swept away by the power of the fast flowing water. 

The water in the river was shallow but because of its speed the woman was unable to prevent herself from being washed away. 

The incident happened so quickly  

Moments later the woman had vanished beneath the angry foaming water 

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