‘Woman-hating Albanian’ monster hunted over burglary murder of Brit mum Caroline Crouch, say cops

GREEK cops are hunting for a "woman-hating Albanian" over the torture and murder of British mum Caroline Crouch.

It comes after it emerged that no DNA has been found under the 20-year-old's fingernails that would help police identify the burglars.

Caroline was killed by a group of burglars who also held a gun to her 11-month-old daughter Lydia, in her home in an upmarket Athens suburb before tying and blindfolding her 32-year-old husband Charalambos Anagnostopoulos.

The cruel gang even killed the couple’s dog during the attack at around 5am on May 11.

Police believe they are now closer to the leader of the brutal gang that has reportedly terrorised others in the area in the past.

The Albanian suspect is described as "strong, around 5ft5, with short blond hair," who reportedly "is a violent abuser who hates women," reports Star.

Cops are currently investigating a potential link between him and another suspect who had robbed the house of Charalambos' pilot instructor, three years ago in Alepohori.

"They are ruthless, the came to my house around 10 o'clock at night in July," he said.

"They are not afraid of anything, they are brutal and use their strength against women because they consider them weaker.

"They are violent and misogynists.

"I hope police figures it out and if there is anything in common with poor Caroline's case, I'd be happy to help," the 32-year-old pilot's instructor told in.gr.

Police are also hunting for another suspect named "Giannis" who reportedly also works with the gang.

Additionally a shoe print that was found next to the window from where the burglars got inside the property is under examination.

According to local news, earlier this week Charalambos underwent a listening test in a bid to identify the language the thieves were speaking- he was able to determine that it was either Albanian or another Former USSR language.

After looking at 150 photos he managed to narrow down the list of suspects to ten.

It has been more than a month since the horror crime and police have still not been able to identify the suspects.

Last week CCTV footage showed a suspicious car followed by a motorbike fleeing the scene.

Meanwhile, experts claimed the culprits may never be caught as police failed to arrest thegang weeks after the murder.

Police sources told local media that the evidence found was so little as if the burglars "had bleached the entire house" before leaving.

The gang escaped with £30,000 in cash and jewels, but cops think they believed another £86,000 was hidden there.

Currently there is a reward of £250,000 for information into the young mum's death.

Meanwhile, calls also mounted Friday for the psychologist who says she had been treating Caroline to prove she is a certified practitioner.

The Association of Greek Psychologists gave Eleni Mylonopoulou two days to provide documents proving she is registered doctor after she shocked the profession by talking openly about the couple on TV. 

The psychologist had described Caroline as "a very happy girl" who was always accompanied to the sessions by her loving husband

She told local media that the couple had "no issues in their relationship."

Police sources said that if it was proved Mylonopoulou was not a registered doctor "the inquiry will take a different turn." 


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