Woman kidnapped from London street by sex traffickers tells of ordeal after she was forced to work in brothel

A ROMANIAN woman who was snatched from a London street and trafficked as a sex slave has told of her horrifying ordeal — revealing she was forced to sleep with thousands of men.

Giving her name only as Anna, she was kidnapped in broad daylight just yards from her home in March 2011.

She was listening to music and reaching into her bag for her keys when she was grabbed by the neck and dragged into a car in Wood Green, North London.

Reliving the terrifying moment she was beaten into submission, Anna told BBC Oulook: "It's hard to scream when you feel so threatened.

"They had my papers, they knew where my mum was, they knew everything about me."

The gang of two men and one women stole her passport and took her straight to the airport where they forced her to board a flight.

Anna, who had worked as a cleaner and tutor in London, was then flown to Ireland — even after airport staff witnessed her crying.

But it was not until she landed that she realised the full reality of her situation — that she was being sold into a prostitution ring.

She said: "I was imagining everything — from organ harvesting or prostitution, to being killed, to God knows what."

But when a Romanian man who greeted her at the small Irish airport told her captors: "At least this one looks better", she knew then that she was "going to be sold".

It was the beginning of ten months of hell as Anna was driven to a dingy flat that reeked of sweat and alcohol.

Stripped of her clothes, Ana was forced into a red robe and flip flops and told to stand against a satin sheet pinned to the wall for photographs to advertise her online.

Thousands of sordid men responded to the ads and paid to have sex with Ana — whose name was changed to Natalia, Lara, Rachel and Ruby among countless others.

Some days she was forced to sleep with up to 20 men and lived on scraps of food with little sleep.

Ana said of her sick "clients", who paid up to 200 euros to her captors: "They knew that we were kept there. They knew, but they didn't care."

A police raid — which mysteriously only came after the kidnappers had fled — resulted in her being arrested.

But despite pleading for officers to help her, she and other victims were taken to court and fined for running a brothel.

She said: "I tried to tell them, nobody listened."

Ana eventually planned her escape after overhearing her cruel captors discussing taking her to the Middle East.

She said: "I still didn't really know exactly where I was.

"But I knew that I had a better chance of escaping from Belfast, or Dublin, or wherever they had me, than escaping from somewhere in the Middle East."

Ana contacted the police — realising for the first time that she was now actually in Northern Ireland.

Meeting an officer, Ana said: "He took one of those white paper napkins and asked me to write down the names of the people who did this to me on it."



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Her brave actions led to a two-year investigation resulting in two of her kidnappers – named only as Schwarz and Ionut – serving two years of a four-year sentence in Sweden.

They were then extradited to Northern Ireland where they pleaded guilty to charges of human trafficking, controlling prostitution and money laundering.

They were each sentenced at Belfast Crown Court to two years in jail — but served only nine months.

Ana said: "I was happy that they were arrested but I wasn't happy about the sentences.

"I guess nothing in this life is fair."

Since her ordeal Northern Ireland became the first and only place in the UK where buying sex is a crime.

  • Ana's story is being told in the BBC Two drama Doing Money, which airs at 9pm tonight, Monday 5 November

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