Woman marries days after getting arm bitten off by crocodile

A woman who had her arm bitten off in a crocodile attack that almost cost her her life got married in an emotional ceremony just days later.

British bridegroom Jamie Fox and his bride-to-be were canoeing in the Zambezi river above the Victoria Falls when the giant beast struck from below.

Former national tennis player Zanele Ndlovu had her right arm torn off and her left hand bitten in the vicious attack.

Jamie went to her rescue and managed to save her but she was losing so much blood it was feared she may die from the wound.

A family friend said: "During the attack the crocodile gripped her arm and ripped it off while her partner made frantic efforts to save her. They are lucky to be alive.

“The boats used in that activity are inflated and the crocodile attacked their vessel and in the process deflated it before attacking her."

A make-shift tourniquet was applied and she was rushed to hospital where surgeons managed to save her life but she lost most of her arm.

Incredibly despite her horrific injuries she was determined not to miss her wedding day and was allowed to use the hospital chapel to get married.

A Minister presided over the ceremony at the Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo where the remarkable service took place on Sunday.

It is believed the couple had gone to the Victoria Falls to get married but the crocodile attack meant a drastic change of venue was needed.

The bride can be seen in her white sleeveless wedding dress walking into church with her stump heavily bandaged, holding pink roses in her left hand.

As Jamie places the wedding ring on her left hand a canula can be seen attached to her wrist and her hand is also heavily bandaged.

When she signed the register, a huge round of applause broke out from family and friends.

A witness said: "It is a quite remarkable love story and it really does show their love for each other. The crocodile attack made no difference.

“Their feelings and love for each other are even stronger than before if anything."

A short video clip from the ceremony shows the emotional moment the groom kisses the bride.

Crocodiles were the biggest killers out of all in the wild animals and creatures in Zimbabwe last year, with 21 people suffering fatal attacks in 2017.

There are many companies who run canoeing adventures on the River Zambezi, the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

They are for a minimum of four people paddling their own inflatable canoes on the upper reaches above the Victoria Falls and rules say they have to be accompanied by an experienced guide with a radio.

The gently flowing river at this time of year can be over half a mile wide in places, and elephants, hippos and crocodiles heavily populate it.

Websites promise people will see elephants, water bufflalo, zebra and the "shimmering bodies of crocodiles" but none of the sites state there is no warning of danger of attack from the crocodiles.

They can weigh up to half a ton and be over 12 feet long.

All the guides carry first aid equipment and the guests have lifejackets and a safety briefing before setting out.

Last month a wedding party guest lost an arm and was badly bitten when he jumped into a crocodile pool, a tourist attraction at a venue in Victoria Falls.

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