Woman says neighbours' complaints about noise are a 'hate crime' because of her brother's learning difficulties

A JOBLESS woman has slammed a council for a "hate crime" amid fears her "dysfunctional" family will be evicted from their home.

Sarah Duffin is facing legal action for anti-social behaviour and admits her family "argue and fight a lot".

But the 36-year-old, who has never worked a day in her life, claims the noise is down to her disabled brother Matthew.

She says Matthew, who lives at the home in Hull along with mum Audrey and Sarah, has cancer, heart problems, is blind and has learning difficulties.

As a result, she has accused Hull City Council of committing a "hate crime" over fears the family might be evicted, Hull Live reports.

But the council has said it is not seeking to evict the family and is working with partner agencies to resolve the matter.

Sarah fumed: "Me and my family may become homeless as we have been summonsed for antisocial behaviour and noise.

"We argue a lot. We fight a lot. But that's not the point.

"The point is that we should not be getting called dysfunctional and being discriminated against and threatened because of the health problems that my brother suffers from."


Sarah, who has been searching for a job since she left school with no qualifications 20 years ago, is currently on benefits.

But she claims she can't find work because she has no practical experience – despite sending off hundreds of job applications each week.

And Sarah, whose dream job is "selling jam and curds by the roadside", is now considering selling her beloved greenhouse and shed to make enough money to move.

She said: "There have been these complaints about noise and anti-social behaviour, but no one knows what its like living with an adult with long-life brain damage.

"We are just trying our best to get by but now my family are living in fear of having no where to live.

"I'm still looking for any jobs and getting turned down even for cleaning, but I am trying to stick to my CBT therapy and gardening."

Hull City Council confirmed legal proceedings have started against the family.

A spokesperson said: "Hull City Council has commenced legal proceedings following complaints of nuisance and antisocial behaviour at a property in Willerby Road.

"Eviction of the tenant and their family is not being sought and the council continues to work with its partner agencies to resolve the matter.

"As the proceedings are ongoing, the council is unable to comment further."

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