Woman ‘shunned by her family’ after claiming to be Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann vigil in Rothley, 15 years after going missing

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A woman who wants to take a DNA test to “prove she’s Madeleine McCann” broke down in tears on a livestream after revealing her family has allegedly shunned her over the claims. Julia Wandelt, from Poland, believes she is the missing child of Gerry and Kate McCann who disappeared while on a family holiday to Portugal in 2007.

At the time Madeleine was just three years old. She would now be 19. Ms Wandelt is 21 years old but thinks her age might be wrong, and claims to have been unable to access her birth certificate.

She first started wondering if she was missing Maddie “a few months ago” after hearing “something” from her grandmother.

She has set up an Instagram account called @iammadeleinemcann where she has posted videos detailing her claims.

These include claiming to have a speck in her eye and a freckle on her leg in the same places as Madeleine.

But in her latest post on her Instagram account she broke down in tears saying that her family who raised her are very disapproving about what she is doing.

In the video, which has been watched more than 507,000 times, Ms Wandelt said: said: “My grandma called me. She said that I’m a very bad person, that she doesn’t want to meet me anymore. She started to shout at me.

“I asked her for a DNA test with her or with my parents and she will not take a DNA test with me and I can’t say she has to do it.” And she claims her family have branded her as being “not normal” for giving “hope to the McCanns”.

She says they think she is a “horrible person” who they “don’t want to know anymore”.

The Daily Star reports that in the livestream she said she “feels alone” and revealed her relationship with her boyfriend is also on the brink. She added: “I am alone. My boyfriend wants to leave me too – because of this case.”

The woman also shared messages she has allegedly from her mum saying she “is sick” and where she is accused of “setting up a circus”.

The message reads: “You are sick, Julia. I’m selling the house and none of us will answer the phone if you call, for everything you’ve done and the embarrassment you’ve put me through.”

In response, Ms Wandelt said: “Now, I’m crazy.” Her initial video was seen by millions and the McCann family have since reportedly requested a DNA test after she claims she was previously ignored by police.

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But German authorities say they believe Madeleine McCann is not alive. They are “convinced” 46-year-old paedophile Chris Brueckner abducted and murdered her in Portugal in 2007.

There have been extensive searches and police investigations since the day of her disappearance, but her body has never been found. And despite naming Brueckner as their prime suspect more than three years ago, it appears they are no closer to charging him.

They do not have enough evidence to prove he is responsible for her disappearance and murder. One of his friends, who knew the German man when they were living in the Algarve together, spoke to detectives recently.

They said: “They believe Chris did it, they say they know he did it, but they told me they don’t have proof.” Brueckner, who denies any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance, is currently serving a seven-year jail term for rape.

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