Woman tried to blackmail footie star who jumped out of hotel room in his pants

A woman has dodged jail for trying to blackmail a Premier League footballer who jumped out of a hotel window in his pants when they were caught in bed together.

Natalie Wood, 28, plotted to expose the high-profile footballer she met on social media as a "love rat" after discovering he was in a relationship with another woman.

The footie ace, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, fled by jumping from the window in just his underwear. The star left behind a designer tracksuit and a £24,000 Rolex watch which were later found in the possession of Rowe.

She had met him before hatching a plan, along with three men, to film a liaison with him and blackmail him by threatening to sell a "kiss and tell" story.

Her plan backfired and Wood was sentenced to 14 months – suspended for 12 months – after a judge allowed her to change her guilty plea of conspiracy to blackmail to attempted blackmail.

Bristol Crown Court heard Nathan Coleman and Prince Rowe burst in on Wood and the footballer as they lay in a hotel room bed in 2018 and caught the 'act' on film.

Before appearing in court, she hid her face behind a pillow.

The court heard how she plotted with the men to snare him in a "honey trap" scenario.

The victim ran down a fire escape before he took shelter in a nearby restaurant where he the police.

Wood, from Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire sent the star a message saying: "I don't really want to expose you to the media, but if you don't respond within 24 hours then you leave me no choice."

Nathan Coleman, 38, of Sussex, his brother Tyrone Coleman, 34, from Birmingham, and Prince Rowe, 37, were all cleared of conspiracy to blackmail during a trial last month.

Coleman (Nathan) was also acquitted of three charges of theft and a fourth man, Ras Robinson, 37, of Birmingham, was acquitted of handling stolen goods, relating to the star's Rolex.

Rowe Prince, 37, from Birmingham, was convicted of two counts of theft relating to designer tracksuit and a £24,000 Rolex watch.

He has been jailed for 16 months.

Judge Martin Picton said it was "legal nonsense" for Wood to be solely convicted for conspiracy to blackmail and argued she had been "manipulated", "used" and had acted in a "foolish" way.

He said: "Blackmail has the power to do great harm to others but I have no doubt you were subject to manipulation.

"This case has troubled me a great deal. I am satisfied the plea you have entered is more appropriate and allows me to reach an appropriate decision.

"You were subject to manipulation, were used and have been deeply foolish."

Rowe was sentenced to 16 months prison for the theft of the footballer's designer tracksuit and £23,000 Rolex.

Judge Martin Picton said: "He chose to steal the watch and the tracksuit and treat them as his own.

"The circumstances allowed for the opportunistic theft and he had every opportunity of benefiting from it.

"He has engaged in serious criminality in the past.

"You and the others set him up (the player) and did so with a great deal of planning and determination.

"You got your hands on his watch and was determined to realise the value of it."

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