Woman’s scalp ripped off after her hair got caught in go-kart motor

A woman’s scalp was ripped off after her hair got caught in the motor of a go-kart in a horrific accident.

Angie Milena Nieves was celebrating Mother’s Day with her family at a local go-kart track in the Colombian capital of Bogota when the horrific incident occurred.

The 29-year-old was riding a go-kart when her hair was sucked into its motor, ripping her scalp from her head.

According to local media reports, Angie was wearing a helmet and hair net when she started her go-kart circuit, but her long locks fell loose on the last lap and became entangled in her kart’s engine.

The vehicle kept going and pulled her scalp clean from her

Angie was rushed to a nearby hospital and has undergone two
 reconstructive surgeries.

She remains at the medical centre recovering from
 her horrific injuries.

The victim’s sister, Andrea Nieves, told local media: "On the last lap, her
 hair became caught in the engine. Her scalp was ripped off right there and
 then, on the track. It was very traumatic."

Angie’s family has reported the go-kart company for negligence after
 claiming they lacked sufficient security and medical supplies.

The sister said: "There was no one with medical training or even a first-aid
 kit on site. The kart’s engine was unguarded and that is what I think is the
 worst thing.

"The helmets did not fit properly and the hair net was obviously too loose
 otherwise the accident would never have happened."

In a statement, the go-kart company said: "We reiterate
 that we will continue to assist with the concerns surrounding Angie Milena
 Nieves’ health.

"We also have all necessary documents and insurance."

In 2016, a 17-year-old Polish girl also had her head scalped in a horror go-karting accident when her long hair – which she had been growing for charity – became caught in the engine of a go-kart.

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