Woman’s simple Chicken McNuggets recipe gets rave reviews – here’s her secret

Have you ever laY in bed, and wished your nearest McDonald’s was just that little bit closer?

As in, in your own home, closer?

Sadly, unless you’re lousy with wealth, this simply isn’t an option. So you need to get off your backside and make the journey.

Or, you could try to recreate the McDonald’s goodness in your own home .

While this may sound laborious, one woman has shown that it’s completely possible – and the results can be just as delicious.

Home-made Chicken McNuggets with that sweet and sour sauce.

Perth-based high school teacher, Bernadette, shared her wisdom on the Facebook group Homemade McDonald’s.

So successful were nuggets, that she’s since got rave reviews.

"Last night I challenged myself to create what some in this group had attempted but never seemed to nail – the iconic 6 pack o’ nuggs and sweet and sour dipping sauce," she wrote.

Here’s how she did it.

For the nuggets, she triple-coated a chicken breast in a zip lock bag of flour with salt, vegeta (stock powder), garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper with an intermittent egg wash.

Next – and this could be the secret – she put them in a freezer between the second and third coats to "ensure crispiness a la OG".

As for the sweet and sour sauce, this was the part Bernadette felt a little nervous about, adding:

"I really didn’t think this was gonna be possible to replicate at home but I came pretty damn close."

To create this, she put apricot jam, garlic powder, onion powder, soy sauce, mustard, white wine vinegar, glucose syrup and cornstarch in a food mixer and blitzed them.

She then reduced them over a gentle simmer.

As for the results, Bernadette awarded herself 9/10.

Apparently she would have scored higher, but apparently the nuggets had too much flavour.

Bernadette’s nuggets quickly won her a legion of fans.

"Calling for a second entry for Bern into the hall of fame," one enthused.

Another added: "Legit nuggs. I’m impressed. Well played, Miss."

One fan was so overcome with emotion he simply added: "I’m lost for words."

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