Women filmed brawling on Disney World Magic Kingdom ferry

Not the happiest place on earth! Two women are filmed brawling with one using her BAG as a weapon during huge brawl on Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom ferry

  • Video footage captured a fight breaking out between a pair of female passengers on a ferry boat on Saturday at Disney World Magic Kingdom 
  • The video was posted on Instagram and was circulated on other social media platforms, including Twitter
  • The cause of the fight is unknown and the incident is being investigated
  •  Tom Sawyer Island was evacuated at Magic Kingdom on Saturday after there were reports of suspicious activity involving a man with a hatchet

Two women were filmed brawling on a ferry at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom – with one even using her bag to batter her assailant with.

The dramatic brawl took place on a ferry to the Orlando theme park – often dubbed ‘the happiest place on Earth’ on Saturday.   

A recording shared on Instagram began after tensions had already exploded, with two women circling one another near the stairwell of the ferry. 

The video started with a woman in a grey t-shirt chasing another woman in a black t-shirt and red mask around a couple with their two children. 

That family clung to each other as screaming and shouting was heard between the two women, although it is unclear what caused their tempers to boil over.  

One Twitter user who responded to a clip of the incident claimed that tempers had boiled over at the end of the day on the last ferry back from the park. 

Video footage recorded a fight breaking out on a Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom ferry on Saturday  

A little girl in the center of the action watched in horror with her hands cupped over her mouth.

Moments later, an even more violent tussle erupted after another young woman in a grey t-shirt violently slapped a girl in a white tank top who was standing adjusting her backpack.

The girl in the white tank top responded by hitting the girl back with her backpack which erupted yet another violent fight.

A couple, who was caught in the midst of the incident, watched that second fight unfold as a woman involved in the first argument ran towards the pair to get them to stop.

The fight began with two women circling around a family as screaming and shouting was heard

The woman in the grey t-shirt began chasing the other woman in the black t-shirt with a red mask

She followed the pair as they continued to go at each other to the stairwell, which saw them disappear out of view of the person filming. 

The man also tried to reason with the two women who were fighting before as they walked .

Onlookers, including some with children, stood away from the incident as they did not want to get caught in the crossfire.

The video was posted by Instagram user Anna Chisam which then circulated reposts on different social media accounts.

A  woman in a white tank top hit another woman in a grey t-shirt with her bag after another fight erupted

The pair continued fighting down the left side of the ferry stairwell

Twitter user @anthraxxx781 posted the video on their feed to about 8,000 views.

Other users commented on the video, angered over the events happening at a family-friendly environment.

‘What in Disney hell’, @DiMarzioBrenda commented.

‘Why did the girl in the mask get punched? She sure wasn’t expecting that.

‘Horrible to watch that poor little girl standing in the middle of all this, looking so scared. Shameful!’


The woman, from the couple that was caught in the middle, chased after the fighting pair in an attempt to break it up

The ferry takes visitors across the Seven Seas Lagoon to Magic Kingdom with park security present 

The ferry boat, where the fight took place, takes visitors across the Seven Seas Lagoon to Magic Kingdom with park security present, according to Walt Disney World News Today.

 The cause of the fight and the boat on which it took place is unknown but park officials are looking further into the incident. 

 This is not the first incident that occurred at Magic Kingdom on Saturday.

Tom Sawyer Island was reportedly closed and evacuated at around 6pm as guests claimed they saw a man with a hatchet and dressed in camouflage, according to Inside the Magic.

Others claimed the hatchet was a prop removed from an attraction by a teenage male who was later arrested.

There have been no further details released about the incident but no one was reportedly harmed.   

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