‘World’s hottest granny’ reveals why she is removing famous EE breast implants

A 47-year-old dubbed ‘the world’s hottest grandma’ has revealed she is planning to get rid off her double E boobs because her implants are POISONING her.

World famous glam gran Gina Stewart said she is taking action after she claims to have experienced debilitating symptoms from the ‘toxic plastic bags’ that make her feel like she is ‘dying every day.’

She said she ‘truly regrets’ augmenting her natural B cup boobs with £5,600 textured breast implants 10 years ago and now suffers nausea, fatigue, panic attacks and hair loss.

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Association confirmed three Australian women have died from a rare blood cancer which develops near breast implants but are not recommending Aussies have their implants removed.

Blonde bombshell Gina, from the Gold Coast, Australia, said: "I had no idea that breast implants could cause cancer until really recently. It’s terrifying.

"And it’s not just cancer we have to worry about. So many women are getting sick because of their plastic implants and are suffering from different illnesses and symptoms.

"I joined a group on Facebook, and all the women on there are saying the same thing. They are always sick ever since getting their breast implants and have never felt quite the same. Implant illness is definitely a real thing and needs to be addressed.

"I’ve been doing so many positive things for my health. I’ve been eating well, exercising and avoiding plastic.

"But it’s these toxic plastic bags on my chest that are poisoning me.

"I never used to get sick, but just this past year I’ve had the flu six times. I feel like I’m dying every day.

"I thought all my symptoms were just a part of menopause, but now I think it is linked to my implants.

"I feel very panicky, nauseous, fatigued, dizzy and just generally unwell all the time. But all my tests come back fine.

"I really regret getting my breast implants done. I could have spent the last ten years of my life feeling healthy instead of feeling so unwell all the time."

Gina rose to fame earlier this year after knocking out scores of much younger women in the running for the coveted ‘Miss Maxim’ modeling contest, finishing 12th overall from a staggering 10,000 women.

The single mum-of-four and grandma-of-one claims she went chemical-free two years ago and has stopped drinking water out of plastic bottles or eating from plastic Tupperware containers to keep herself looking young.

But now the bronzed beauty now feels ‘frightened’ by the sinister side effects she has experienced since her boob job – which include panic attacks, severe nausea, fatigue, joint pain, vertigo, hair loss and foggy vision.

The glamour model also said was ‘almost never’ ill before, but now feels like she is ‘dying every day’ – and claims her symptoms have worsened over the last 18 months.

She now plans to have her implants removed within a year but admitted she is apprehensive about going from her double E’s to her natural B cup size after a decade of enjoying her big breasts

Gina said: "It terrifies me to think I could get cancer from my breast implants.

"If I had known about the amount of toxic chemicals on them, I never would have got them done.

"All plastic implants are poison, not just the ones used for boob jobs. They’re all so toxic but no one is ever warned about it before having these procedures.

"There are many complex emotional issues that lead us to wanting implants. I always struggled with body issues and hated my flat chest.

"I’d always be teased about it, so my confidence really skyrocketed after I had them done.

"But when I look back I can see how wrong I was. No woman should have to change themselves, as we’re all beautiful and perfect in our own unique ways.

"We as a society should be embracing the natural look, especially after learning how toxic implants are.

"I don’t know how it will mentally affect me, to wake up with much smaller breasts.

"But they’re killing people. I don’t care about having big boobs anymore, I just want to be healthy.

"I can wear padded bras, and I know there is also an option of fat transfer.

"It will probably take me about a year to mentally and emotionally prepare to have them removed.

"But I do regret them and want them out of my body for good. I just want to feel healthy again."

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Association confirmed last month that 72 Australian women have contracted a rare blood cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) – a type of lymphoma that develops near breast implants.

The TGA also confirmed that three Australian women have died from the condition.

But despite the evidence linking breast implants to anaplastic large cell lymphoma, the Therapeutic Goods Association does not recommend removing breast implants because the condition is ‘rare’.

A spokeswoman for Australia’s Federal Department of Health said: "The health and safety of those who have undergone breast implant surgery is of great importance to the Department of Health.

"The Therapeutic Goods Administration is working with an expert panel (including Professor Anand Deva, Associate Professor Mark Magnusson and the College of Cosmetic Surgeons), the Australian Breast Device Registry and international regulators to assess the risk to people who have had implant surgery of contracting Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL).

"Because ALCL is rare, experts do not recommend removal of breast implants for people that have no problems with the implant. If you are concerned you should discuss your options with your doctor or visit the TGA website for more information."

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