You can help Turkey and Syria recover from devastating earthquake

Turkey: Multiple buildings reduced to rubble in Iskenderun

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Hundreds of people are still believed to be trapped under rubble, and the toll is expected to rise as rescue workers searched mounds of wreckage in cities and towns across Turkey and Syria. On both sides of the border, residents jolted out of sleep by the pre-dawn quake rushed outside on a cold, rainy and snowy night. Buildings were reduced to piles of pancaked floors, while major aftershocks, some nearly as strong as the first, continued.

Rescue workers and residents in multiple cities searched for survivors, working through tangles of metal and concrete. A hospital in Turkey collapsed, and patients, including newborns, were evacuated from facilities in Syria.

The international community has immediately pledged to support both countries, with at least 45 governments across the world vowing to send rescue teams and funds.

Below are four international and UK-based funds that have been set up by NGOs to help rescue teams.

From the UK

Time to Help (UK) said: “As Time to Help (UK), we are launching an appeal to raise funds to provide much-needed aid to those impacted. We will be working with our trusted partners on the ground to ensure that your contributions reach those who need them the most.

“We are not operating in Turkey, but we will work with international charities to ensure that your support reaches to those in immediate need.

“Every little bit counts and your donation can make a big difference in the lives of those affected by the earthquake. Your generosity will help provide shelter, food, and medical assistance to those in need.

“Together, we can make a positive impact and support the communities affected by this tragedy. Let’s come together and make a difference. Donate now to support the earthquake victims in Turkey.

“Thank you for your kindness and support.”

Oxfam also urged people to donate to its fund to help both countries.

They wrote: “Oxfam is currently ensuring all staff in the area are safe, while trying to establish an overview of humanitarian needs. We will keep you updated on a potential response.

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“Oxfam’s Emergency Fund allows us to respond rapidly to natural disasters and emergency situations. Make a donation today and help us respond around the world, around the clock.

“To be there every time, we need your help: donate to our Emergency Fund and you can help build shelters to protect families in crisis, supply clean water to prevent the spread of deadly diseases and ensure that people who’ve lost everything have the basics like food, soap and cooking utensils. All vital. All life-saving.”

From the US

GlobalGiving also set up an emergency fund in partnership with groups present on the ground.

They wrote: “This fund will support disaster recovery and relief efforts for victims of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey on October 23, 2011. The fund will support groups like AKUT and Kizilay through the Turkish Philanthropy Funds, in addition to other groups working on the relief effort.

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“This project will disburse funds to both international and local organisations in Turkey providing relief and emergency services to victims. We have been in touch with partners working on the ground in Turkey and have confirmed their need for assistance. As we did with our Japan Earthquake fund, we are committed to ensuring that your donation goes to help local relief efforts and will post more details as we have them.”

Also from the US, The Turkish Philanthropy Funds has teamed up with 13 different organisations based in the ground that are already working to help people recover from the devastating earthquake.

They wrote: “All of us at Turkish Philanthropy Funds have saddened by the news of the terrible earthquake that has struck Izmir and Aydin, Turkey with a magnitude of 7.0. Our thoughts are with the injured and the families of the victims. We extend our deepest condolences to all families who lost their loved ones.

“Since this morning we are in contact with our partners who immediately got organised on the ground analysing the need, and have decided to establish the Izmir Earthquake Relief Fund to show our solidarity. 100 percent of your contributions will go to Turkish Philanthropy Funds grantee partners who are directly involved in Izmir and Aydin to help victims recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake and rebuilding efforts.”

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