YouTube star arrested after filming himself naked in a Taiwan IKEA

YouTube star is arrested after filming himself showering naked in a Taiwan IKEA and sleeping in the store overnight as a stunt for his channel

  • Max Lee, YouTube star from Taipei in Taiwan, arrested for spending night in IKEA 
  • Lee filmed himself inside the store after dark as well as getting naked in a shower
  • He has been charged with indecent conduct and illegal entry, local media says
  • Lee, who has 4,000 subscribers, is the son of Taiwanese TV actor Lee Hisng-Wen

A Taiwanese Youtuber has been arrested after getting naked in an IKEA store while spending the night there.

Max Lee, from Taipei, filmed himself hiding inside an IKEA store in the city of Sinjhuang overnight on September 28 as part of a ’24 hour challenge’.

While in the store Max recorded footage of himself sitting naked on a display toilet, and stripping naked and pretending to use one of the shower displays.

Max Lee, a YouTube star from Taiwan, filmed himself hiding overnight in an IKEA store before running around after the staff went home – including sitting naked on a display toilet

Lee, who is the son of a famous Taiwanese TV actor, filmed himself in the store in September before uploading the video to his YouTube account last week – prompting police to arrest him

Lee, who is the son of famous Taiwanese TV actor Lee Hisng-Wen, was arrested on Thursday last week and has been charged with indecent conduct and unlawful entry, according to Taipei Times.

He had uploaded footage of the stunt to his YouTube channel, which has almost 4,000 subscribers, earlier the same day.

In the footage, Lee can be seen walking into an IKEA store just as it is about to close before making his way to the stock room where he hides himself between stacks of cardboard boxes.

He remains in his hiding spot until around 3am the following morning, when he emerges and begins to explore the store.

Lee, who says he is streaming to Facebook, tells his audience that he is heading up to the fourth floor where some of the displays are located.

Lee has been charged with indecent conduct as well as illegal entry over the stunt, and reportedly apologised to police in his interview

The stunt drew controversy online, including some who blasted Lee – saying that staff or security guards could lose their jobs as a result

At one point in the video Lee is seen pretending to be a baby inside one of the display cots

After setting off an alarm on one of the floors Lee finally makes it up to the fourth floor where he begins laying down in the display beds and even sleeps in one for several hours.

At 5.40am all the lights turn on and he begins to explore some more, standing on tables, getting into a baby’s cot with a towel on his head, and pretending to masturbate while sat at a computer.

By 9am the store has opened at which point he goes downstairs to where the staff are and pretends to be the first customer in the shop.

Not realising he has spent the night in the store, one of the assistants tells him they’re not ready to open yet and shows him towards the exit.

‘We’ve successfully completed the mission,’ he says as he leaves.

The YouTuber also gets up on tables, sleeps in one of the beds, and jumps off of chairs

Lee posted the video to his YouTube channel, where he has some 4,000 subscribers, and also streamed part of the ’24 hour challenge’ live on Facebook

After the video was posted on Thursday many were quick to hit out at Lee, saying that staff or security personnel could lose their jobs over his stunt.

The store manager reported the footage to the police shortly after it was uploaded, who quickly arrested Lee.

While at the station Lee reportedly apologised for his conduct and said his father was ‘not pleased’ with him.

The video has since been removed from both his Facebook and YouTube pages.

Mail Online has contacted Lee for comment but had not heard back at the time of publication. 

Lee reportedly told police that his father is ‘not pleased’ with him. It is not clear what legal punishment he is facing

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