Cardi B Jumps Into The Will Smith & Duane Martin Controversy!

Cardi B has Will Smith’s back. Oh, phrasing… Sorry…

As Perezcious readers know, the Independence Day actor’s former assistant Brother Bilaal made some SHOCKING claims about Will and Duane Martin earlier this week. On the Unwind with Tasha K podcast, he said he walked in on the actors having anal sex! Will’s reps have since denied the “unequivocally false” claims, and Jada Pinkett Smith even says they plan to sue.

Will has undoubtedly been through a LOT over the past year between his infamous Oscars slap and the release of Jada’s tell-all memoir… and because of all that Cardi B is coming to his defense.

On Wednesday night, the Bongos rapper took to her Instagram Story to address the wild rumor:

“I don’t like what people be doing to Will Smith. I be feeling like Will Smith is very unproblematic, and I feel like he got, like, a nice heart.”

The WAP songstress added that Libras, like Will and herself, get “tried” so much that when they finally have “outbursts,” they’re so large that they “become the ones in the wrong.” This is a pretty good summation of his Oscars fiasco. If Will hadn’t stepped onto that stage or yelled, just given the disgusted look Jada did, we all would have been talking about how Chris Rock was being such a jerk! Instead, well… You know.

She then added that she doesn’t like how “some people never f**king change,” possibly alluding to her own 2022 defamation lawsuit against Tasha K! She said:

“As your job as a journalist, you should, like, be able to detect whether somebody is bulls**tting or not. Because anybody could say anything about anybody.”

She continued:

“It’s so f**ked up that, like, somebody could put something so f**king salacious out, and not think about, like, ‘Oh, well, how is this going to affect this person’s mental health? How is this going to affect somebody’s day? Is this worth me f**king up somebody’s mind?’”

Clearly she thinks the story is just a lie — and Tasha didn’t do her due diligence in vetting it before giving it a platform! Watch her full Story post (below):

Cardi never directly said anything about the specific allegations, but we’re sure Will is just glad to have some supportive energy in his corner.

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