Helen Skelton’s ex Richie Myler breaks silence on marriage breakdown

Having maintained his silence for over a year, Richie Myler has publicly addressed his split from now ex-wife Helen Skelton.

Taking to social media yesterday, the rugby star, 33, who shares three children with Countryfile presenter Helen, claimed he is "not asking for approval" over his life choices.

"For clarity. As stated in my previous post, opinions of my life choices/breakdown of my marriage and how I choose to live my life – I am not asking for your approval/sympathy or commentary," he wrote in a lengthy statement on Instagram.

"This is something I have decided to never make a comment on and will never no matter how far I'm pushed."

Following their break-up in 2022, Richie quickly moved on with new girlfriend Stephanie Thirkill, who he's since welcomed a child with.

Breaking his silence today however, Richie revealed that online trolls have been targeting him since his separation from Helen, by posting images of his home and wishing "harmful and disgusting things" onto his new partner whilst she was in labour earlier this year.

He added that the behaviour from trolls "will never be acceptable".

"From raising awareness of this disgusting platform I have had so many people reach out and say they too have been targeted by those trolls," Richie wrote.

"I know by posting this will draw more attention to the site! However, something has to be done now regarding this website and I've got to protect my family."

Richie was referring to social media website Tattle Life, which describes itself as a "commentary website on public business social media accounts".

It also says it has a "zero-tolerance policy to any content that is abusive, hateful or harmful".

Former couple Helen and Richie – who were married for eight years – share sons Ernie, eight, and Louis, six, as well as one year old daughter Elsie, who was born just months before their shock split.

In April 2022, Helen announced her split from Richie on Instagram with a statement that read: "Very sad to say that Richie and I are no longer a couple. He has left the family home. We will be doing our best to co-parent our small children."

While he moved on with a new partner, Helen went on to take part in Strictly Come Dancing and finished in second place, winning the hearts of the judges and viewers.

Though she has remained tight-lipped about her split from Leeds Rhinos ace Richie, in her new autobiography In My Stride, she finally addresses the breakdown of her marriage, revealing she didn't see it coming.

Writing about the termination of their relationship, she wrote: "I was in shock. I know that following break-ups, people often say they didn’t see it coming and it sounds like a cliche, but that was me."

She goes on to say that she fears she missed "signs" that her marriage wasn't working – or may have simply "ignored" them – as she was "consumed" by her work, children and house project, The Sun reports.

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