JFK Assassination, Grassy Knoll Fence & Lee Harvey Oswald Relics Up For Auction

Items linked to John F. Kennedy‘s assassination are now up for auction, 60 years after he was killed … including objects from the infamous grassy knoll and even the killer’s grim past.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Photos

RR Auction has over 80 objects up for sale connected to November 22, 1963 … including a section of the wooden picket fence behind the “grassy knoll” that overlooked the Presidential parade route. Lots of people — including many who were there that day — believe at least one gunman fired from that fence.

Grassy Knoll Picket Fence Section

That’s not all — the auction house is selling a window from the Texas School Book Depository … the building where Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots at JFK.

Window from Texas School Book Depository

Also included in the auction are Oswald’s first handgun, which he sold to his brother for $10 … and Oswald’s phone call receipt from jail — the call he made just 1 day after JFK’s assassination and one day before Oswald himself was shot and killed while in custody.

Lee Harvey Oswald's First Gun

There are a ton of hidden gems for history buffs … a lucky bidder can secure JFK’s personal diary from 1945 … which features a ton of insights before he became President.

Remembering John F. Kennedy

The auction closes on November 8 … so ya better get your bids in fast.

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