Dad ‘disgusted’ by Father’s Day gift made by his six-year-old daughter

A dad was horrified when his daughter handed him an unusual Father's Day gift.

Trent Howard, from Perth in Australia, received a DIY dice that was covered in messages aiming to cheer dads up. And, for an extra special touch, his six-year-old had carefully coloured in the illustrations.

One side of the cube showed a picture of a frog saying "for the times when you need to jump to it", while another depicted a banana and was captioned "for the days when you have gone round the bend".

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Everything seemed very sweet until he flipped onto a side of the dice with a more morbid message. It featured an illustration of a bullet and read: "take when all else fails".

Trent was disturbed by the dark joke, which alluded to suicide. He told 9News: "To create this, and distribute this, disgusting.

"If you've had enough, shoot yourself', what else [could that be interpreted to] say. I have a weird sense of humour, [but] that's not part of any sense of humour to anybody."

Trent's wife was equally unimpressed by the activity. She commented: "They wanted to be funny, that was my interpretation of what the teacher had said to me."

"It wasn't funny. It's really not appropriate for kids to be given that kind of topic in a joking manner without any support around it."

Following the dad's complaint, the school has apologised. The Department of Education also said the exercise wasn't "thought through" and "showed a serious lack in judgement".

Trent added: "We need change everywhere. In this society. We have suicide in our families. It's not cool. It needs to stop."

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