‘Ghosts are so real but I’m not scared, they listen to me’

Ghosts are associated with Halloween but some people claim to see them all year round.

One person took to Reddit saying she has recently been visited by some spirits. She used to see them as a child too.

@scarlytteh1 told the forum: “Okay so let me start by saying that I’ve never really been sure in the afterlife I’m one of those ‘I have to see it to believe it’ kind of people. But my parents tell me that when I was really young I used to see ghosts.”

Apparently, they got scared after a while and told the ghosts to go away until she was a grown-up – 30 years old, specifically.

The ghosts listened to them and let them be throughout their teens and 20s, only to make a shocking return months after their 30th birthday.

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Ghosts are freaking real!!! I can’t believe what just happened
byu/scarlytteh1 inGhosts

@scarlytteh1 said that one evening they couldn’t sleep and went for a little walk around the house, but quickly felt a presence behind her.

They told the forum: “You know when you get that feeling that someone is standing right behind you? I had it so strongly and I just assumed it must be my roommate behind me. I think I felt the floorboards move a little, that’s how I knew someone was there.

“So I turn around fully expecting it to be my roommate, but it wasn’t. It was this shadow in the shape of a person like a person just made of darkness. They were about a foot shorter than me and they looked pretty large in weight.”

Have you ever had any paranormal experience? Join the debate in the comments section below

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They felt as though the ghost was looking at them, as they appeared to pause for a moment before walking around them – a very polite ghost indeed. The ghost walked towards the stove but then “vanished into thin air”.

They continued: “So I just can’t believe this! After all these years I finally know the truth ghosts are real maybe an afterlife is even real.

“You think I would be scared but I’m actually really excited. I kind of want to see more of them and I hope they show up again soon.”

Being able to see ghosts has made them question their calling – should they be a spiritual medium? They asked: “Does anyone have any tips on how to pursue this and strengthen my abilities?”

Reddit users flooded to the comments section with tales of their own experiences with ghosts.

One user said: “In the middle of night, I woke up and saw someone standing in corner of the room. Then I woke up and looked over there in the corner and it was still there.

“And then I really woke up and I was standing where I saw something looking back at something that was sleeping in my bed.”

Leave a comment below if you have ever seen a ghost

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