How to Receive Gorgeous Selfies

Among all the photography styles, selfies are among the so-called bestsellers. Taking into account the current popularity of social media, this increased interest in professional photos is especially easy to explain. For taking a selfie, no auxiliary equipment is required — just you and your mobile phone camera. But it is a more demanding process than it seems, especially looking at stunning selfies of famous influencers. Are they so photogenic that they look gorgeous in every shot?

With the help of a modern selfie photo editor and a couple of useful tips, your pictures will become not less adorable. Just check it out!

Selfie Quality

The science of taking selfies involves searching for a perfect angle, pose, makeup, and mood. There are so many parameters that make you closer or further from the target purpose — to post a marvelous picture online. However, one of the tactics on the way to the right selfie is frequently omitted. Who ever checks the platform’s requirements for images? For instance, the minimum size of pics for Instagram stories and feed are different — 1080 by 1920 pixels to 1080 by 1350 pixels. It seems a minor difference, but it also influences the way you perceive data from images.

Retouching Selfies

Even if you adjust your image according to basic recommendations, its quality will literally evolve:

  • By cropping images, you tidy them up. If you forget to take something personal from the camera sight, you can simply do that afterward. Your privacy is easy to protect.
  • Your body positions influence the layout. Push your head slightly forward to avoid the effect of a double chin. The same can be done with the help of retouching tools.
  • Adjusting colors and white balance introduces a new layer of visual perfection. Modern software offers ready-made presets, so it is a pretty self-guiding strategy to follow. This manipulation over RAW files also requires a preparational calibration. In turn, lighting conditions will be easier to control and adjust.
  • The other must-have tools are contrast and exposure modifiers.

Get Creative

The retouching technologies will help fix problems and level up the quality of your photography artwork. But standard selfie approaches are welcome to be modernized:

  • Instead of investing in additional accessories, you can try plenty of styles thanks to retouching. Why not wear a pair of digital wings and get an angel selfie? Your creativity is your powerhouse engine.
  • Baddie or cyberpunk styles are demanding in features they are based on. Retouching applications will allow you to match their specifications quickly and effortlessly.
  • Make your selfie funny. Add some stickers or contrast objects to the main layout. Change your hair color or cut. Overlaying is also a nice idea to realize. Don’t exaggerate, but keep it neat and clean. Abstract photos may come in handy and inspire.

The Final Verdict

Luckily, there is no social pressure to look like a doll in photos. Image perfection shouldn’t be understood absolutely directly — happy eyes and smiles are more meaningful than smooth skin. Retouching is key to emphasizing your natural beauty, making your soul shine brighter even through digital shots. Forget about overpowering any beautifying apps. The main purpose is to receive a close-to-life result. Without going overboard, selfies are still tempting and gorgeous.