‘I have back rolls and stretch marks on my boobs – but I’ve realised it’s okay’

A body acceptance influencer has taken to Instagram to share her 'flaws' to try and help people see it's 'okay not to be perfect'.

Isabella Davis, from Australia, is known for sharing herself-love posts online. And in her latest, she admitted to fans that she 'wasted a lot of time worrying about her flaws'.

However, brunette said that she tries to accept that things such as back rolls, stretch marks and dimples are just a 'natural part of being human' these days.

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The influencer, who boasts 266,000 Instagram followers, was seen sharing a string of photos of her own 'flaws' – which included stretch marks on her boobs and thigh, dimples on her legs, back rolls and a sweat rash on her chest.

Beside the photos, she wrote: "I wasted a lot of years feeling as if my body was broken and in need of a miracle cream, tea or pill to fix it. But nothing I tried was ever enough.

"No amount of scrub would erase my cellulite and the hundreds of sit ups I did on my bedroom floor every night only led to exhaustion. So instead of giving into societal beauty standards that profit of your insecurities. I urge you to choose freedom.

"I encourage you to see the truth behind all the lies. That you body isn’t flawed. That your scars, soft spots and stretch marks aren’t something that needs fixing but instead accepting. As difficult as that may be."

She added: "By showing these new features I have found recently on my body I hope it reminds you that we don’t have flaws but instead we have bodies that are made up of features.

"Features we see everyday on other people and don’t even notice but when we look at our own bodies they stick out like a sore thumb.

"I want you to know it’s okay if your body is soft in certain parts. It’s okay if you have extra dimples and stretch marks. It’s all okay and a perfectly normal part of being human. A perfectly normal part of being you.

"So tell me in the comments what new features on your body have you noticed recently? Hopefully by pointing out these features on ourselves we can help others realise they are normal and in turn feel a little less alone."

Fans were loving the honest post, with it racking up more than 15,000 likes. One exclaimed: "I don't know if you realise how helpful these posts are when you feel like you're the only one adding new features to your body. Thank you for normalising these changes"

While another added: "You hit the nail on the head. Ageing is a privilege. I have cared for so many older adults and they don't worry about what they look like per se, they are more focused on kindness, compassion, company and humour."

A third chimed in: "I’ve noticed a lot of these things too recently and it’s so nice to see it normalised here in a safe space. While a fourth said: "Thank you for creating space online for changing bodies."

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Despite Isabella doing all she can to promote body acceptance, she admitted back in September that she still struggles herself to love her body some days.

She wrote at the time: "Not every day is easy to accept certain features of my body. Some days I wake up and notice new stretch marks on my thighs or look in the mirror to see I’m having another eczema flare-up. When you are struggling with body insecurities I encourage you to not let your insecurities win. It’s okay if you feel down about your body at times but don’t hold onto that sadness.

"Don’t let these insecurities stop you from living and enjoying your life. Because at the end of the day these are normal features of a body."

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