Kyle Richards Explodes During RHOBH Dinner Party from Hell Over Mauricio Cheating Rumors

"So what you're saying is that my husband cheated on me?!" exclaims Kyle during a volatile dinner party … after Morgan Wade made her debut earlier in the episode as Richards defied Mauricio and got another tattoo.

Kyle Richards faced off against costar Sutton Stracke — as well as cheating rumors involving husband Mauricio Umansky — on Wednesday’s new super-sized episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Going into the new hour, the two friends were at odds with each other after Sutton accused Kyle of not being honest with her. She felt Richards was hiding something about her marriage, believing her new diet and workout routine as well as the new ring on her finger were signs something was up with Mauricio.

“In tabloids, Kyle and Mo are having problems in their marriage,” Sutton said while talking about her issues with Richards in a phone call with Garcelle Beauvais.

In a confessional, she added, “The news is Mauricio may be having an affair. It’s all over the internet. I have zero interest in Kyle’s marriage. I care about Kyle … It’s hard to be close to anyone if they’re hiding anything form you.”

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Later in the episode, Morgan Wade — a musician who tabloids have linked Kyle to — also made her debut, as Richards went to get a new tattoo. This, of course, after Mauricio said he didn’t want her to get any more ink on her body earlier this season.

“Morgan and I are very close friends, we talk every day,” Richards said of Morgan in a confessional, before telling Wade that people were “really confused by our friendship.” Kyle also joked she “stalked” Wade on social media after hearing her songs, before praising the singer for being “100% herself” and someone who makes “no excuses, no apologies.”

That, she said, was “something very freeing” and was something she was “honestly just taken by.” Kyle, who recently stopped drinking alcohol, also liked how Wade was sober — adding it was “nice to surround yourself with like-minded people.”

After getting the new piece — a planet on her pelvis — Richards showed it to Mauricio, who wasn’t exactly thrilled.

“What are you doing? What did you do, my name? Love Bean, what are you doing?” he asked, seeming disappointed. After she showed him the placement, he joked he hoped it would see it “often” … though Richards only reacted by saying, “Well …”

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And now, dinner.

The episode ended with Kyle hosting a CBD-infused dinner party, which was attended by both Denise Richards and Camille Grammer. New cast member Annemarie Wiley also made her debut at the bash, clearly unaware of all the tension going on in the group.

Before the women all sat down together for dinner, Sutton and Kyle had a conversation one on one and attempted to squash their beef. The talk, however, didn’t help matters much.

Sutton admitted she wasn’t being herself lately, blaming her behavior on her ex-husband telling her he was moving to London and expecting her and their young son James to move there with him. She was scared he would take the boy away from her, and even more afraid her son would prefer to go to London than live with her. She told Kyle she overreacted at their previous fight because her “brain was somewhere else,” but added she’d now be getting full custody of her son and more child support along with it.

Kyle, however, wasn’t all that sympathetic — wondering why it would be an issue that her ex was moving far, far away, while she was getting more time with her son and more money at the same time. The perceived lack of sympathy only enraged Sutton further, as Stracke said Richards was “not the friend that I know” anymore and once again accused her of being dishonest.

Sutton then stormed out of the room after Kyle suggested medication Stracke was taking or her drinking were reasons “something was not right with you” when they last met.

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As Sutton sat down for dinner, Erika Jayne asked where their hostess was, referring to Kyle. “In denial about something,” deadpanned Stracke, before Richards eventually joined the group and called Sutton a “bitch” while speaking under her breath to Dorit Kemsley.

Before they could eat, Crystal Kung Minkoff said the two women really needed to clear the air between them.

“I don’t like feeling like a friend is making veiled threats to me. When you do that and say, ‘What’s going on with you, you’re not being honest,’ what do you want me to be honest about?” asked Kyle. “If you have the balls to bring that up, then have the balls to say that to me.”

As the chef wondered whether he should bring out the food while the women were “screaming at each other,” the fight between Kyle and Sutton continued.

“I’m sharing with you and being very honest and real. And I was asking you to do the same with me and you’re not doing it,” Stracke responded, as Richards again asked her to “have the balls to ask what you wanted to ask me.”

Sutton then pointed out Kyle’s workouts and “eating things,” referring to her diet, which only triggered Richards.

“I cannot believe you have the guts to say that to me when you don’t eat,” she shot back, as the jaws on all the women dropped. In a confessional, Kyle added, “Don’t make me go there. Sutton literally pushes her food around her plate, like my kids would do when they wanted me to think they’re eating their vegetables.”

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Annemarie then stepped in, wondering if everybody else knew what the drama was or if she was “literally the only one in the dark.” She wasn’t, as a lot of them had no idea what Kyle and Sutton had just discussed in the other room before sitting down. Wiley then told the women to “be blunt” and find a way to “get past it.”

“Is there something going on in your personal life you would like to share?” Sutton began, before Garcelle finally followed the “be blunt” directive by asking Kyle about her marriage. “What’s with the new band? The new wedding band,” she then asked, as Sutton pointed out how Kyle hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring.

Richards said the wedding ring was in the bank, before Garcelle wondered out loud if the one she was wearing was “a makeup band,” as in a piece of jewelry one’s husband buys his wife after he “messes up.” Beauvais added, “I have a diamond cross … they buy you something to forget what they did” — before Grammer chimed in and said she “used to get cars,” including an Aston Martin.

“That’s the f–king rumor? It wasn’t a gift form Mauricio, I bought it myself,” Richards said, adamantly. “Guess what, I buy things myself. I bought a Cartier ring with you [Sutton], you buy rings.”

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“So what you’re saying is that my husband cheated on me?!” Kyle then exclaimed, before explaining her frustrations with the group. “We’ve had a hard time. I have not had a great year. I shared this at the retreat, so it feels like a low blow. Is that not enough for you guys? Do you want more? Do you want my husband to have cheated and buy me that band that he did not buy me? Because he didn’t. He did not buy that for me. I bought it myself.”

“Great Kyle, I’m happy. I’m content with all of your answers,” Sutton responded, in a tone that could hardly be described as genuine.

“Everyone’s saying, ‘What’s going on with you?’ If I’m going through a hard time and exercising and not drinking — because guess what, even if I have a glass of wine, the next day I feel down and depressed — I can’t afford to feel depressed right now,” Kyle then exclaimed before the episode came to an end.

In a confessional, Garcelle said she still felt like Kyle didn’t want to “address the elephant in the room,” that something was “going on” in her marriage to Mauricio. “That’s the question. Not who bought the ring. Does that matter?” she asked.

The super-sized episode ended with a “To be continued …” slate, so the fight is sure to pick up next week right where we left off.

RHOBH airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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