Makeup step mature women must ‘never skip’ or risk looking older

When it comes to looking younger, mature women have plenty of options. From haircuts to fashion to cosmetic treatments to surgery, there are lots of anti-ageing methods out there.

Some experts believe that even a change in makeup can make the world of difference.

Hannah Barnett, MUA at Spectrum Collections, spoke exclusively to about how women can take years off their age.

With a few simple eyebrow and lash tricks, mature ladies can look younger in seconds.

Hannah said: “Fuller, groomed brows look super youthful. Use a brow pencil a couple shades darker than your natural hair colour. Finish with a brow gel to add texture and fullness.”

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Once you have full, luscious brows, it’s time to move onto your lashes. Hannah recommended using brown tones rather than black.

According to Total Dermatology, eyelid ptosis is “simply loose skin, a result of age and sun exposure”.

The experts explained: “Your eyes look smaller when the skin above and under the eye is loose and wrinkled. Again this appearance is accentuated by the light/shadow interplay of wrinkles.”

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While ageing skin is totally natural, there are ways older women can brighten up their eye areas with makeup.

MUA Hannah advised: “Choose a brown coloured liner to define the upper lash line on the outer corner to lift the eyes. Using a pointed pencil brush buff over the edge of the pencil to get rid of any harsh lines for a seamless finish.

“With any excess product on the brush apply this to the lower lash line. Using the excess will ensure you don’t over apply the product.

“Follow with a taupe brown eyeshadow through the crease to define and sculpt the eyes. You can also your bronzer to add warmth too!”

Next, Hannah reminded women of an all-important step they often forget – and it makes a big difference. The expert warned mature women to “never skip curling your lashes”. 

She explained: “This will lift and open your eye. Use mascaras with a comb like wand (Like the spectrum one) which will separate lashes for a defined lifted look.”

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