Man accuses yacht owner of 'stealing his girls' in viral argument

Man furiously berates yacht owner in VERY heated row over docking space at Miami jetty

  • A video of an argument between two yacht owners in Miami has gone viral
  • A man appears to tell the other to move his boat because he’s ‘stealing his girls’
  • The post has been viewed over 1.4 million times with thousands of comments

Rich people have problems too, even if they are ones common folk would only be dealing with in our wildest dreams. 

Explosive arguments over parking spaces have taken a nautical turn in a viral TikTok video, showing a man accusing another yacht owner of ‘stealing his girls’ — by parking his vessel in his spot.

In a 26-second-clip shared by @theeuropeankid, a TikTok account that posts videos showing the jaw-dropping behavior of rich and entitled young Europeans, the men are seen in a furious fight over a docking space in Miami.

The video has been viewed more than 1.4 million times since it was posted on September 11 and shows a shirtless man angrily making a beeline towards the offending yacht, yelling as he does so.

The video starts off with the young, shirtless European man furiously walking along a jetty in Miami towards the offending yacht 

The shirtless man, pictured, them starts angrily yelling at another yacht owner sitting on his vessel, saying he is in ‘his’ space

As he walks — wearing bright, light blue shorts and carrying his black T-shirt in one hand — he can be heard yelling at the occupant of the yacht, who is sitting on a couch looking very relaxed.

‘You think you’re a big boss because you have boat?’ the shirtless man rages. ‘Huh? And you came to my boat and try to take my girls, my yacht?’

He throws his arms out in disgust while the man lying on his yacht looks on and appears to be amused.

‘Go park the boat somewhere else okay,’ he yells. ‘I don’t want to see your face on this dock.’

He then declared: ‘This is my parking spot for my boat.’

The yacht owner is then seen getting up from the lounge, walking towards the rails while the shirtless man continues to rant.

‘If I see you go close to it, try to steal my girls again. I’m calling security on you,’ he warned.

The second man then leans over the rails of his yacht, telling the shirtless one: ‘My friend you better watch yourself.’

The explosive – and now viral – fight was captured on camera in Miami, with the shirtless man declaring: ‘This is my parking spot for my boat’

He yelled at the other yacht owner (pictured) for parking in the place he claims he usually parks his vessel

The man occupying the boat warned the shirtless man to ‘watch himself’ as he continued to yell

However, the shirtless man furiously continues to yell at the other yacht owner while standing on the jetty

TikTok users were divided over how ‘real’ the argument was, some speculating it was a skit

Rich people problems….

This only appeared to enrage him further, with the shirtless man pointing furiously at the yacht and telling back: ‘I’m not your friend man, I’m not your friend.’

The clip cuts out there, so it’s unknown who won the battle of the yacht parking spots. 

The shirtless man appears to be Louis, who is reportedly the French son of a billionaire and appears in most of the account’s videos.

It’s unknown whether the account is purely satire or real, with some viewers saying they are skits in the comments.

The account’s Instagram bio reads, ‘Rich kid Comedy,’ but many speculate he really is as rich as he appears – but just enjoys making fun of those with extreme wealth and their (and their offspring’s) behaviors.  

Nonetheless, commenters enjoyed the video, with thousands of people commenting on the clip.

‘Rich people argue differently,’ one user laughed.

‘This is the type of argument I would like to have when I grow up,’ another said.

‘I thought the grocery store parking lot was baddd,’ a third person added.

‘Isn’t it up to the “girls” where they go?’ someone else wrote, adding: ‘Hilarious.’ 

Others questioned the legitimacy of the video. 

‘Worst acting ever,’ one user wrote, with another agreeing it seems ‘so fake’ to them.

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